Outpatient Addiction Treatment Facilities – Tour

Our outpatient treatment facilities in Newport Beach, California offer our clients a clean and modern environment to participate in their day programming and recover from addiction. Our outpatient building provides a safe and secure space for clients during their vulnerable time of early sobriety.

Centrally located in Orange County, California, Hotel California by the Sea’s outpatient buildings sports the most modern and updated amenities. Those who currently receive Partial Hospitalization (PHP) care, Intensive Outpatient care (IOP), or Outpatient Care (OP) will likely spend the majority of their programming, therapy, and case management sessions in the outpatient addiction treatment facilities.
Please note that our outpatient addiction treatment facilities are not the same as our transitional living homes. Please read more
about our transitional living homes and how they can complement clients receiving outpatient treatment at Hotel California by the Sea.

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