Paying for Alcohol and Drug Rehab with First Choice Health Network 

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If you have an insurance plan through First Choice Health Network, you may have little-to-no financial responsibility when attending our substance abuse treatment program at Hotel California by The Sea.

Insurance companies are now required to cover some form of mental health treatment for their members. Although it may feel daunting to seek treatment for substance abuse issues, paying for rehab doesn’t need to be difficult. Find out more about how you can streamline the verification of benefits process with Hotel California by the Sea. 

Will First Choice cover the cost for my Addiction Treatment?

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that most individual and small group health insurance plans provide coverage for mental health and substance abuse services. However, many insurance plans cover the entirety of addiction treatment after personal member financial responsibilities are paid (such as copays, deductibles, and more). 

First Choice Health helps its participants attain coverage for the treatment of substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental health conditions.

Hotel California by the Sea accepts most insurance plans. Because there are many different First Choice Health insurance policies, details on coverage and financial responsibilities can become confusing for clients. 

Hotel California by the Sea is equipped to assist you through the health insurance’s ins and outs for your addiction recovery with your First Choice Health Network plan. 


What to consider when paying for Rehab with First Choice Health Network  

As you determine how First Choice Health Network coverage will help you with your drug or alcohol addiction treatment costs, Hotel California by the Sea suggests you do the following: 

Let Us Verify Your Benefits

Insurance verification can often be a lengthy and confusing process. At Hotel California by the Sea, we employ a designated team of experts to verify benefits and deal with insurance directly. This streamlines the process of admission, therefore saving you time and headache.

Complete an Intake Assessment

Once our specialists have verified your benefits, your admission coordinator will do a brief intake assessment with you. This information is crucial for insurance authorizations. Try to be as open and honest as you can, so we can give you get the treatment you need.

Begin the Recovery Journey

We will explain your insurance benefits and responsibilities in simple and clear language. This alleviates any concerns associated with a stay in treatment. With this peace of mind, you can begin treatment with the focus purely on your sobriety.

Hotel California by the Sea’s admissions team is ready to assist you. When you contact us, we will quickly and easily verify your insurance coverage and benefits. We will talk to your insurance provider for you, determine your benefits, and help you understand your financial responsibilities.  

What is First Choice Health Network? 

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First Choice Health Network is owned by physicians and hospitals. They offer an array of services to more than one million people in the Northwest and Washington state area. 

First Choice Health Plan Administration includes custom networks, flexible plan designs, and medical management. Their Employee Assistance Program offers counseling and referral services, which complement their health benefit services.  

According to First Choice Health Network, mental health conditions in the United States are critical issues that must be recognized and addressed.  


How much will I need to pay Out-Of-Pocket for Rehab with First Choice?  

Hotel California by the Sea can work with you and First Choice Health Network to find the answer to all of your mental health and behavior health benefit questions. First Choice Health offers many plans and programs so your out-of-pocket expenses for Hotel California by the Sea may vary depending on your specific policy plan. 

Contact a Hotel California by the Sea admissions specialist if you would like to know what First Choice Health will cover for your treatment. We will assist you in working with your insurance provider to access the coverage you need for your recovery treatment. 

Addiction Treatments covered under First Choice Health Network

First Choice Health Network may cover the following treatments for its members: 
  • Detoxification 
  • Residential treatment 
  • Partial hospitalization treatment (PHP) 
  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) 
  • Outpatient treatment  
  • Individual therapies: CBT, DBT, EMDR
  • Some forms of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) 
  • Group therapies 
  • Trauma treatment  

Verifying Your Insurance Benefits With First Choice Health Network 

Your most defining and vital step now is to find out what First Choice Health will cover at a particular treatment facility. This means you need to verify your benefits by an admissions specialist. 

You can verify your First Choice Health benefits with Hotel California by the Sea by filling out our 1-minute Verification of Benefits (VOB) form below. Or you may call one of our Hotel California by the Sea admissions team members, who can assist you in determining your behavioral health benefits. 



Finding Treatment Programs that accept First Choice Health  

To find out which programs you may qualify for addiction coverage with First Choice Health, you can either sign into their website and go to their Behavioral Health webpage, call their Benefit Questions and Customer Service phone number, or contact your desired treatment center’s admissions hotline. 

Hotel California by the Sea accepts most large insurance plans in the United States.

Our goal is for you or your loved one suffering from substance addiction to regain a happy and health life in sobriety. Hotel California by the Sea is here to support you, whether that means you enter our treatment facility or we assist you in finding a different treatment program. 

Recovering from Substance Use Disorders at Hotel California by the Sea 

At Hotel California by the Sea, we welcome men, women, and young adults to enter one of our highly sought after treatment programs. Our substance addiction rehab program offers a sober community within a safe environment. Clients will find themselves surrounded by like-minded peers, as well as the experienced rehab professionals in the field of clinical addiction therapy. Our top rated rehab programs are unmatched.   

Hotel California by the Sea focuses on the patient as a whole person. We work with patients on present and current issues as well as setting attainable goals for the future. In addition to sobriety programs, Hotel California by The Sea will also help you develop the coping tools, life skills, and continuing care plans that you will need to continue on your sober journey. 

Our substance addiction inpatient and outpatient rehab programs offer the following therapies, which are typically covered by health insurance plans. 

Addiction recovery doesn’t stop at treatment therapies. Hotel California by the Sea also offers continuing support services to patients even after they have stepped down from outpatient programming. These services include educational and career seeking services, monthly family planning services, and transitional sober living services.  

If you are a First Choice Health Network member and are looking for the best possible addiction recovery treatment program, Hotel California by the Sea could be the perfect place for you. Contact one of our admissions specialists, engage in our Live Chat or fill out our contact form below. Hotel California by the Sea is excited to work with you in starting your brand new clean and sober life.


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