Can you pay for Rehab with Meritain Health?   

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Meritain Health is a popular insurance provider and is a subsidiary of its parent company, Aetna. Meritain offers private policies that range from individual to family coverage as well as employer-based policies. For someone seeking treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, this insurance provider has an integrated behavioral health service aimed to remedy the costs of rehabilitation. 

One of the biggest obstacles for clients seeking treatment is navigating the cost of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Hotel California by the Sea has treatment specialists waiting to help future and present clients understand the details of their insurance policies. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective way to help our clients on their road to long-term recovery. Hotel California by the Sea will help guide you on your financial options for rehab through Meritain Health and what we can do to help you or your loved ones recover from the disease of addiction. 

Hotel California by the Sea accepts Meritain health insurance plans as well as many other private insurers. Fill out our contact form or call us today to find out more about how much of your addiction treatment will be covered. 


What will a Meritain health insurance member need to pay? 

Meritain Health is one of the leading insurance providers in the country offering a wide range of policies. Each policy will have its own guidelines in how it covers drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This means that though most policies cover behavioral health and substance abuse rehabilitation, the type of coverage and to what extent the policy will cover, will vary. 

Clients may be responsible for paying: 

  • Copays 
  • Deductibles 
  • Out-of-pocket maximums 
  • In-network costs 
  • Out-of-network costs 

These terms may be completely foreign to someone navigating their own recovery. That is okay and is exactly why Hotel California by the Sea is here to help. We have trained experts in this field so that our clients can focus on their recovery instead of navigating insurance policies.  



Finding the best care under Meritain Health 

It is important for each individual struggling with substance abuse to find the best treatment facility for their rehabilitation. The cost-effectiveness of this treatment is an important factor when considering the overall benefits of getting treatment for your addiction.  

Do your Treatment Research  

It is important to find a treatment facility that implements evidenced-based methods and a holistic approach to recovery. The best treatment facilities will offer custom treatment plans for their clients and will even incorporate alumni support for those that graduate the program. Hotel California by the Sea offers unparalleled ongoing support for our clients throughout the duration of their rehab as well as through our alumni program. We also offer a monthly family support services and career resource services at our Newport Beach, California location for clients in preparation for a well-rounded life of freedom and personal and financial success.  

Once you find a treatment facility that meets your needs, it is important to then consider the financial side of your rehabilitation. Here is where you may want to consider whether you’ll be going through insurance and if this treatment center will accept your specific insurance provider. 

Speak to an Insurance Representative  

Speak directly to a representative from your insurance provider to better understand what your policy covers and which treatment centers will accept your insurance. You should have an individual case manager that can help guide you through your policy and its integrated behavioral care options.   
Detailed information and a number to reach your representative is located on the back of your insurance card. 
Remember, when speaking to your representative, In-network means it will be covered to varying degrees by your policy. Out-of-network usually means it will cost more or will not be covered at all by your provider.

Contact the Treatment Center you are interested in  

Your preferred treatment center can also contact your insurance company to better help you understand your policy and what will be covered. Treatment care representatives are trained to help you create a financial plan that will fit your specific needs as a client. 

What does Meritain health insurance typically cover? 


Detox is the process of ridding and withholding the body from an addictive substance that an individual has become physically dependent on. Addictive substances can be various types of drugs or alcohol. This withdrawal process can be extremely uncomfortable for a client experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, anxiety and headaches. For the safety of the individual, this process should be facilitated in a professional medical environment.

Some of Meritain’s policies will cover detox when it is recommended as medically necessary by a medical professional.

Medication-Assisted Rehabilitation

Medication-assisted rehabilitation aims to help people with severe substance addiction to stave off cravings and prevent relapse. This method is most commonly used for those with opioid addictions or severe alcohol abuse. Because symptoms of substance abuse can become so intense, medications are often used to help with the pain management of recovery.

Meritain will help cover this treatment if it is recommended by the client’s primary care physician. There are copays and deductibles associated with covering the medication. Copays generally range from $15 for a generic brand, to 50% of the total cost for medications. 

 Inpatient Rehab 

Inpatient residential refers to the area of treatment where a client lives at a residential treatment facility, where they can be cared for and monitored 24/7. This part of the program incorporates various therapy methods, daily medical assessments and group accountability to help reduce day-to-day triggers. 

All of Meritain Health’s policies cover inpatient rehab, though each individual policy may vary on required authorization and the length of stay covered. Preauthorization is required so a client must see their primary physician before enrolling in a program if they decide to go through their Meritain insurance policy. 

Outpatient Rehab 

In outpatient rehab programs such as partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP), a client will have access to continued therapeutic treatments, with the option to return home at the end of the day. This option is great for clients that were successful in inpatient rehab or for client’s that may not need the level of care and accountability provided through inpatient services. 

The majority of policies offered by Meritain will cover outpatient rehabilitation as a part of their integrated behavioral health services. There are often some out-of-pocket expenses associated with outpatient care that can include copays and deductibles. Most outpatient coverage does not require preauthorization from the client’s primary physician. 


Recovering from Substance Use Disorders at Hotel California by the Sea  

Men, women, and young adults have the perfect opportunity to become clean and sober at Hotel California by the Sea. Our sober community is dedicated to offering a safe environment where you will be surrounded by like-minded peers, as well as highly certified care managers. As one of the most sought-after substance rehab programs, our unique approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment has been proven to help so many gain the health and freedom of life in sobriety. We are ready to address your individual needs and work with you to create a customized treatment plan that will offer you the highest rate of success.

Hotel California by the Sea’s treatment facilities, programs, and team members are well-known as going above and beyond for our clients and their loved ones. We focus on the healing whole person. Not only do we help our clients achieve sobriety, but we also assist them in developing the effective coping tools, general life skills, and aftercare services they need to allow them to carry on with a successful and productive life. 

Hotel California by the Sea is here for you.  We offer the following treatment methods, which are typically covered by health insurance carriers.   

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) 
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) 
  • Group therapy 
  • Family and marriage counseling 
  • Access to addiction recovery support groups 

Recovery doesn’t stop at addiction recovery therapies. Hotel California by the Sea also offers special programs that will support clients in addressing other areas of their life that may need attention. Individuals within our outpatient programs have access to services such as the Career Resources Programs, Monthly Family Programs, and Transitional Living (Sober Living) housing. 

If you or your loved one are a Meritain Health insurance plan participant, and are looking for the best possible addiction recovery rehab program, one of Hotel California by the Sea’s destinations might be the perfect place for you.  Contact our admissions specialists today through our Live Chat, or fill out our contact form below. We can’t wait to help you turn the page and start this new, sober, and happy chapter. 

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