Beacon Health Options, Inc. is an In-Network provider that covers Drug Rehab   

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Does your Beacon health insurance plan cover behavioral health benefits and how it will prove advantageous in your search for addiction treatment at Hotel California by the Sea? Fortunately, Beacon Health Options members in Ohio is in-network with our program and provides behavioral health benefits to its members. We’ll help you find out more about your Beacon health insurance plan and what you can do to maximize your coverage.  


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Will your Beacon Health Options insurance cover your treatment costs? If not, how will you afford it? Hotel California by the Sea has answers to these questions for you. We work alongside our clients who have insurance plans through Beacon Health Options to help you find what your insurance will cover for your drug or alcohol substance abuse recovery. Hotel California by the Sea’s addiction programs in Ohio accepts Beacon health insurance and for patients with a PPO policy, can also attend programs in other locations. Our knowledgeable admissions specialists will lead you through the process of treatment affordability, including working with Beacon Health Options to get you access to the most significant level of care provided by your particular health plan. 

Will Beacon Health Options pay for my Addiction Treatment? 

Beacon Health Options offers treatment coverage to its participants who have substance use disorders and other mental health conditions. The level of care provided to a member depends on the plan that you have with Beacon, the state you reside in, and many other plan-specific factors. 

Hotel California by the Sea has a team of admissions experts trained in the workings of health insurance coverage. We can assist you in working with Beacon on your behalf. We can speak to them to work out the best possible coverage that Beacon can provide for your addiction recovery treatment. 

What to consider when paying for Rehab with Beacon 

As you determine how Beacon Health Options will help provide assistance with your substance abuse treatment coverage, Hotel California by the Sea suggests you do the following: 

Do your own due diligence. 

Conducting your own research will help you find most of the answers you are looking for. This will also help you decide whether or not you will attend a specific addiction treatment program. Reputable rehab centers rely on evidenced-proven therapeutic methods including group and individual therapies. Your chosen treatment facility should also have the flexibility to create a individualized plan according to your needs providing short term care, long term care and ongoing support services. 

Call the number on the back of your Beacon Health Options, Inc. insurance card to speak to an insurance representative. 

Your Beacon Health Options representative can help you gather insurance coverage information and determine which treatment centers are in-network for your policy plan. They can help you identify which addiction recovery centers might provide you with your best options.

Call the treatment center you’d like to attend.

Once you call the treatment center you are thinking of using as your recovery program, they can work as a liaison between you and your insurance company. They can help you with the details of your rehab coverage at their specific facility and help you work out your financial plan. 

At Hotel California by the Sea, contact us and we can quickly and easily verify your insurance coverage and benefits. Our admissions team will collaborate with Beacon Health Options insurance to determine your benefits and help you understand your financial responsibility. Call and talk to one of our team members today to get started. We will also gladly perform pre-authorizations and other essential admissions-related insurance work that maybe time consuming or downright confusing. 

What is Beacon Health Options? 

Beacon Health Options, Inc. is behavioral health company under FHC Health Systems, Inc. Beacon services 5.4 million military personnel and their families and has partnerships with 65 health plans. Some of these partnerships include Federal Employee Programs (FEP), Medicaid, Medicare, and Exchange participants. 

Beacon Health Options offers mental health and substance use disorder management, as well as an employee assistance program. Other services include work/life support, specialty programs for autism and depression, and “insightful analytics to improve the delivery of care.” 

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Hotel California by the Sea has an extensive receiving relationship with Beacon Health Options, Inc. so that our clients are offered the most comprehensive treatment options available to them. We have an in-network contract with Beacon Health Options in Ohio.

You can begin your clean and sober life by calling one of our Hotel California by the Sea admissions experts. We can assist you with planning out the financial options that best suits you, including working with your Beacon Health Options representative to determine maximum coverage for your treatment. 

How much is my Out-Of-Pocket responsibility for Rehab with Beacon? 

Beacon Health Options offers a vast network of behavioral health providers and programs that cover all levels of mental health and addiction treatment services. They offer care focused on the individual’s unique needs providing tailor-made solutions at the local level to military personnel, commercial, FEP, Medicaid, Medicare, and Exchange participants and their families. 

Your out-of-pocket expenses will be for substance abuse treatment will vary depending on your policy plan.  

In order to determine the level of financial assistance Beacon Health Options can provide for you, we encourage you to speak with either your Beacon representative or with one of our Hotel California by the Sea admission team specialists.   

Contact our admissions specialists if you are interested in our inpatient residential and outpatient programs available at Hotel California by the Sea. 

Check to see if your insurance pays for treatment:

Finding treatment provider that accept Beacon Health Options 

To find out where you may qualify for addiction coverage with Beacon, sign in to Beacon’s online member portal, call their Help and Customer Support, or contact Hotel California by the Sea’s admissions hotline

Hotel California by the Sea accepts most Beacon health insurance plans and are happy to assist clients with the best substance recovery options to find their needs. We are in-network with Beacon in Ohio and for members with a PPO plan, attendance at our other locations is another option. Whether it is with our inpatient residential and outpatient programming or with a different provider, our admissions specialists will help clients navigate their best options.  

Hotel California by the Sea wants you to regain a clean and sober life. We are here to support you.

Recovering from Substance Use Disorders at Hotel California by the Sea  

Hotel California by the Sea works with men, women, and young adults in helping them start their clean and sober life. Our highly sought after treatment programs are a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental environment. Hotel California by the Sea is ready to work with you and to address your individual needs as you create a customized treatment plan offering the highest rate of success for long term sobriety. We can also help you verify your insurance benefits, your coverage options and determine any other additional financial responsibilities you may have when entering into a substance addiction treatment program.

Hotel California by the Sea has reputable treatment facilities, programs, and clinical team members. Everyone on your Hotel California by the Sea clinical team goes above and beyond for you and for your loved ones. We focus on holistic approach to sobriety through various treatment therapies that assist you in developing coping skills, personal life skills and achieving your lifelong professional goals. Our programs will allow you to achieve a happy and productive life free of addictive substances.  

Hotel California by the Sea is here for you.

We offer the following therapies typically covered by major health insurance carriers.   

Hotel California by the Sea also offers unique continuing support services that will assist you in other areas of your life such as the Career Resources Programs, Monthly Family Programs, and assistance in finding Transitional Living (Sober Living) housing

If you are a Beacon Health Options participant and you are looking for the best possible addiction treatment facility, Hotel California by the Sea might be the answer. Contact our admissions team, engage in our Live Chat, or fill out our contact form below. We are ready to help you start that clean and sober life you have been wanting and deserve. 

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