MultiPlan: In-Network Drug Rehab Coverage

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If you have insurance through MultiPlan, your drug and alcohol rehab services at Hotel California by the Sea may be fully covered. Hotel California by the Sea works one-on-one with health insurance companies and third-party negotiators in the United States to help secure the best rates for our clients and their health insurance companies. This wrap network insurance company may cover drug and alcohol treatment to fit your personal and financial needs.

Overcoming substance addiction is no easy task. Sometimes, finding the right treatment center can often feel confusing and frustrating. However, financing your treatment through health insurance or other means of payment doesn’t have to be hard. Hotel California will help you learn the ins-and-outs of paying for addiction treatment. Whether it is through our inpatient residential or outpatient services, we will equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to get proper treatment for your addiction.

MultiPlan helps their members by covering their addiction treatment partially or fully. This makes it easier for their customers to find the perfect addiction treatment provider. 

What is MultiPlan health insurance? 

MultiPlan health insurance, based in New York, acts as a middleman between health insurance companies and health care providers to negotiate prices with those in their network or out of their network. Also knowns as a complementary PPO Network, MultiPlan aims to increase coverage for members within its network.

MultiPlan helps health insurance companies and health care providers, such as drug rehabs and therapists, agree upon a fair price. Luckily, this is not limited to traditional health care providers, but mental health and addiction treatment providers as well. Under the recent No Surprises Act of 2022, insurance holders are protected against surprise medical bills that often arise when seeking medical care from out of network providers. MultiPlan aims to helping all their members obtain the behavioral health care they need within their financial limits.

Having been around for over 35 years, MultiPlan provides a solution to cost management and has about 900,000 health care providers under contract. Through MultiPlan, around 40 million claims are reduced every year. When someone obtains an insurance plan through one of the insurance payers that works with MultiPlan, their coverage is considered to belong to the MultiPlan network.

MultiPlan’s team of experts helps healthcare payers manage the cost of care, improve their competitiveness and inspire positive change. By leveraging sophisticated technology, data analytics and a team rich with industry experience, we interpret clients’ needs and tailor innovative solutions that combine our payment integrity, healthcare networks and data analytics services.” – MultiPlan US Website.

Pay for Rehab through MultiPlan

MultiPlan tends to offer coverage to members through members’ primary insurance carriers for the following mental health and substance abuse treatment services:

Will I need to pay additional Out-of-Pocket costs for Rehab?  

There is no saying for certain how much you’ll need to pay for rehab out-of-pocket. You may need to pay nothing, or you may need to pay a certain part of your deductible, coinsurance, or other plan-related fees.

Our insurance specialists will determine your financial responsibilities ahead of time.


Getting treatment through MultiPlan

MultiPlan covers the costs of multiple types of treatments for substance abuse issues and co-occurring mental health disorders. Through MultiPlan, members have various treatment options. Clients who are physically addicted to drugs and alcohol will begin treatment with a medical detoxification. This is the process in which drugs and alcohol are removed from the body. Clients then move on to inpatient residential and outpatient treatment programs. 

Substance addiction treatment encompasses both recovery from substance abuse and treatment of co-occurring mental health conditions. Rehabilitation also involves helping individuals integrate back into society and daily life as recovered individuals.

Detoxification in a medical detox center ensures that clients will safely rid addictive substances from their system. Physicians carefully manage any withdrawal symptoms. Because this process can be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous, there are high rates of relapse during detoxification. Detoxing is safe when done in a medical monitored and secure facility such as Hotel California by the Sea’s detox centers. We are a highly accredited program specifically designed to help patients throughout this difficult process. 

We offer the following (and typically insurance-covered) therapies at our treatment centers in California, Ohio, and Washington:

At Hotel California by the Sea, we also offer many specialized programs that help our clients achieve their professional and personal goals. We offer a monthly Family Program at our rehab center in California that helps our clients reconnect with their loved ones, repair past hurts, and receive education as a family unit on the disease of addiction and how it may affect each member.

Additionally, Hotel California by the Sea also offers a Career Resource Program – a service entirely exclusive to our community. The Career Resource Program helps prepare clients for life outside of rehabilitation (inpatient or outpatient) and is available to current clients and alumni. Recovery isn’t just about not using drugs or alcohol. It’s about holistically recovering. It’s about creating a well-rounded life full of activities you enjoy, financial freedom, and valuable relationships!

Finding treatment programs that accept MultiPlan

Finding a treatment that accepts your insurance plan doesn’t need to be hard. There are multiple options to figure out how to get coverage for the treatment of your mental health disorder, as well as how to pay for that treatment.

Verifying your insurance benefits with MultiPlan

The most important step to finding out whether or not your insurance will be accepted at a particular treatment program or treatment facility involves a strong and thorough verification of benefits on part of an admissions specialist. If you’re wondering how to verify your insurance benefits, you can fill out our 60-second VOB form or call one of our team members at Hotel California by the Sea. We will help you understand what your specific benefits and financial responsibilities will be.


Mental health and substance abuse treatment is worth the time. In fact, at Hotel California by the Sea, we consider rehabilitation to be one of the most life-changing experiences of our client’s lives. Don’t wait – call us today.

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