Paying For Addiction Treatment With Cigna Health Insurance  

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Cigna is a global health services company dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those they serve. Cigna health insurance has more than 180 million customer and patient relationships in over 30 countries and jurisdictions worldwide. 

If you have an insurance plan through Cigna, chances are you have coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.


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Hotel California by the Sea’s knowledgeable staff can assist with verifying your insurance benefits, providing details about our addiction treatment, and arrange admission for you or a loved one.  

Cigna and other major insurance companies cover the cost of inpatient and outpatient treatments at a drug and alcohol rehab facility. Their members who struggle with substance addiction and co-occurring mental health issues can utilize their health coverage to seek the treatment they need.

3 Easy steps to see if your insurance pays for treatment:

What is Cigna Health Insurance? 

Whether purchased on your own or obtained through your employer, Cigna offers multiple types of plans including PPO, HMO, and EPO plans. 

Example of Cigna Rehab Coverage  ID card

The types of Addiction Treatments Cigna Covers  

Cigna insurance policies can cover some or all of the following behavioral health therapies and beyond:  

Using your Cigna Health Insurance to receive treatment services at Hotel California by the Sea: 


Step 1:

  1. Discuss program details
  2. Find out what works best for you
  3. Verify your insurance benefits
  4. Discuss your benefits
  5. Go over options

Step 2:

  1. Assessment to insure proper treatment
  2. Constant communication & support
  3. Keeping loved ones informed
  4. Assistance with FMLA
  5. Assistance with legal matters

Step 3:

  1. Identify and overcome triggers and cravings 
  2. Learn and utilize healthy coping skills 
  3. Develop a sober support community 
  4. Establish structured routines
  5. Enjoy the journey

What is an out-of-Network Provider?  

A healthcare provider is “out-of-network” when they don’t have a contract with your health insurance plan. In most cases, if treatment is a covered benefit under your plan with in-network providers, it will also be covered with out-of-network providers. 

Hotel California by the Sea is out-of-network with Cigna, but we don’t want Cigna members to run into unexpected medical expenses when they’re in our care. For this reason, we’ve secured third-party contracts and agreements that give us the freedom to avoid balance billing altogether.

Transparency is important to us and we want our clients to make informed decisions. We will always be clear and thorough in discussing financial terms and conditions prior to admission to our inpatient residential programs and outpatient treatment programs. 


Recovering from Substance Use Disorders at Hotel California by the Sea 

Hotel California by the Sea has cultivated a safe and supportive environment for men, women, and young adults to begin their journey to recovery. Our expertly certified team of specialized doctors and clinicians, highly-trained therapists, and like-minded support staff, ensure all of our client’s needs are met. We provide therapies to address any co-occurring disorders our clients might have. These are often present in those who suffer from a substance use disorder. At Hotel California by The Sea, we’ve got everything covered from medication management, trauma therapy, coping skills, and more.  

Regardless of you or your loved one’s very personalized experience with alcoholism or addiction, we’ve covered all the bases to make sure that all of our clients have what they need to venture forth into a healthy lifestyle of recovery.  

Not only do we have our flagship location in California, but we also have campuses in Bellevue, Washington, and Cincinnati, Ohio. We offer the same standard of care at all of our program facilities, which consist of:  

Along with the standard and auxiliary treatment services, we also provide more specialized programs catered to individual needs. Our Career Resources program helps those interested in pursuing higher education or need assistance in exploring their career options after treatment. Our monthly Family Program provides a retreat for clients and their families to tackle some of the issues that might exist in their family dynamic. 

If it’s time to make a change in your life or the life of your loved ones, look no further. Our admissions specialists are waiting on the other side of the phone to help guide you through the process of recovery. Fill out the form below and an admissions specialist will reach out to you shortly.


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The road to recovery is full of uncertainty, leave your worries behind…
Our compassionate staff will answer all of your questions without any pressure. Learn about our evidence-based drug addiction treatment and rehab, the ease of entering our program, and the benefits of getting help from a reputable addiction treatment facility like Hotel California by the Sea.

Every member of our admissions team has been where you are today – be sure to ask them about their journey!