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Every day, 16 out of every 100 people in the United States suffer from some form of a substance use disorder. With an average of 280 treatment centers per state, you are never far from a substance abuse treatment program. So, which one is right for you?  Are they all the same? Where do I start?  The answer to these questions and many more are found at Hotel California by the Sea in Bellevue, Washington.  

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Located less than ten miles from Seattle, our rehab center boasts both inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment programs – but most treatment centers can offer you that. Hotel California by the Sea in Bellevue, WA takes treatment one step farther. We specialize in treating multiple unique populations of people and also give our clients the opportunity to participate in three HCBTS-exclusive programs:

  • Monthly Family Program
  • Career Resources Program
  • Transitional Living Program

The goal of rehabilitation is to put your life back together in a way that is healthy, joyous, and sustainable. Whether you have a drug or alcohol use disorder, HCBTS, Bellevue will offer you many options to attain these goals.

Distinctive Family Program

Unlike other rehabilitation programs, HCBTS puts special emphasis on familial involvement in the treatment of addiction. HCBTS knows that treating a client also means treating the family and loved ones of the client in treatment.

Offered to the loved ones of our clients in recovery, our family programs help clients deal with how they interact with their loved ones. By untangling the intricate web of relationships and learning how loved ones help or harm each other, Hotel California by the Sea helps those suffering from substance use disorder who are on the road to recovery make their relationships more supportive and more positive.

We can help families with staging interventions for potential clients, as well. Although this type of help may seem harsh to people who haven’t been through the experience of an intervention, families and loved ones often find it very helpful. Sometimes, clients tell us later that it was their intervention that led to their success in recovery.

Our knowledgeable and understanding therapists work to help clients and their families restore bonds and establish new boundaries.  This approach allows everyone involved to have more appropriate interactions and boundaries, with the security of knowing they can coexist in a secure and positive way.

Learn more about Hotel California by the Sea’s monthly family program for addicts and alcoholics recovering from substance abuse issues.

Career Resources Program For People In Recovery

Having a substance use disorder not only affects a person’s health, but it may also lead to financial disaster and hurt careers.

Some clients suffering from alcohol or drug abuse may have had to drop out of college, leave their job, or put off career planning due to their addiction. Part of helping someone get back on their feet must be assisting their return to a successful college or career path. HCBTS helps clients regain this part of their lives while they are recovering from substance abuse issues.

HCBTS’s Voluntary College Program

Many clients were in college, or were planning to go to college, when substance abuse interrupted their life. As they begin to heal from their addiction, they often are ready to pursue or to continue their higher education plans. Hotel California by the Sea’s College Program, a branch of our Career Resources Program, assists clients in enrolling in either a vocational program, a junior college, or a university.

Our College Program counselors offer clients support with transferring credits, providing clients with career assessments to help them choose a profession or career path, assistance with class assignments and with finding study groups, and in planning an educational program with clients.

Life Skills Program at Hotel California

Clients may need help with general life skills when they enter treatment. Aimed at young adults, but available for all men and women, our Life Skills Program helps clients learn about financial literacy, budgeting, organizational skills, building a resume, balancing social and recreational life with work, and planning and scheduling of daily activities.

Job Placement Program

We also help clients look for work in and around Bellevue and Seattle, Washington. Once a client’s addiction recovery team feels they are ready to work, our Job Placement Program is available to assist clients with hunting for jobs. 

HCBTS has assessments that help clients in recovery from substance use disorder discover (or rediscover) their passions, strengths, and vocational interests. Clients may choose to work through a mock interview in our program, or they may need a hand in creating a resume that stands out.  Hotel California’s Job Placement Program delivers these services.

Our Unique Staff

Every staff member at HCBTS, Bellevue is not only highly trained, properly certified, and extremely professional (yes, we choose them with these qualifications in mind). But we also look for clinicians whose abilities are only outshined by their caring, compassionate, attentive natures.

Our team members have a lot in common – things that set us apart from other treatment centers.  We base our beliefs about addiction in science and offer clinically-proven treatment methods. We understand addiction and how it affects brain function.  

Additionally, we recognize the need for unique and individualized treatment plans for each of our clients. And although we may treat many clients, we are always focused on each individual.  Last of all, we care. Each of our staff members feels fully invested in the recovery of our clients.

Flexible Substance Use Disorder Levels Of Care

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HCBTS, Bellevue possesses an expert staff that specializes in using medical therapy, combined with other therapies and counseling, as an integral part of recovery treatment. Many clients need to start their recovery in what is known as detoxification and the management of drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms.  

We sometimes use medical detoxification to properly assist someone who is dependent on drugs or alcohol so that they can begin to safely abstain from their addictive substance. Also, medical therapy can help clients handle the often-intense withdrawal symptoms that can occur during this first stage of substance abstinence. 

HCBTS-Bellevue offers many other options for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and recovery, as well, such as outpatient treatment. Clients work with their clinical team to plan the course of their recovery, which may include behavioral therapies in individual, family, and group settings.

We Treat Each Person As Unique

Hotel California by the Sea in Bellevue offers separate recovery treatment programs for men, women, and young adults.

Not only do we work on substance abuse with our clients, but we also help each client attend to any social, legal, medical, psychological, vocational, or relationship struggles.  

We offer programs that help to keep our clients as engaged in their recovery as possible and continue to assist them long after they leave our facility. We vary treatment options based on the patient, pairing treatment modalities and services to each individual client’s situation.

Our individualized treatment options often include medical testing for diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis, COVID-19, as well as other diseases.  In this way, we can offer clients medical treatment for drug-related diseases as needed.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Research indicates that “Forty-three percent of people in SUD treatment for non-medical use of prescription painkillers have a diagnosis or symptoms of mental health disorders, particularly depression and anxiety.”  This is true about all substance use disorders–they are often coupled with other mental health disorders.

Hotel California by the Sea-Bellevue specializes in dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis, also called co-occurring disorder, means that along with a diagnosis of a substance use disorder, a client may also be diagnosed as having another mental health disorder. These additional mental health conditions may vary in severity and include disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more.  

We understand the importance of addressing an individual’s substance disorder as well as any other underlying mental health disorders. Rather than compartmentalizing these issues, we are here to help our clients manage co-occurring disorders through the use of highly-effective clinical treatment programs

Comprehensive Inpatient And Outpatient Accommodations

(Transitional Living)

In our outpatient programs, we provide specialized step-down accommodations for clients transitioning from higher levels of care. These programs, their durations, and their focuses, again, are differentiated based on each client’s specific needs.  

Often, many of our clients may be ready to leave our detox facility but still need extensive support. In these situations, many clients may choose to utilize our transitional housing as their next stepping stone. Located in close proximity to our treatment facility, our transitional housing allows clients to progress toward independence and sustainable sobriety.

If you’re interested in learning more about the exclusive programs offered at HCBTS, reach out to our admissions team or fill out one of our fast contact forms below. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about treatment.

It is possible to recover from alcohol and drug addiction and stay recovered.
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