Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment Bellevue, Washington

If you have heard of any news reports covering the lawsuits aimed against large pharmaceutical companies, then it is no surprise to hear that prescription drug abuse has reached critical, epidemic proportions. 

Prescription drug abuse is the chronic misuse of prescription drugs. These drugs may include opioids, stimulants, or other addictive substances.

At Hotel California by the Sea’s rehab in Bellevue, Washington, we assist thousands of clients each year who walk through our doors seeking freedom from prescription drug addiction. 

Prescription Drug Abuse Levels of Care in Bellevue, Washington

Many who fall into prescription drug abuse did not start out intentionally misusing these addictive substances.  As a matter of fact, the number one reason why people misuse prescription drugs is relief from physical pain. Other reasons are to be able to relax, get relief from stress and tension, to get help with sleep, to control feelings or emotions, or simply to feel good.  Nobody started out wanting these types of health problems.

Prescription drug abuse can come on very rapidly. What starts out as relief from valid pain suddenly turns into a growing tolerance for the medication. Your body becomes used to the amount of the drug you are taking and soon you need more and more just to achieve the same results. Tolerance quickly reverts to addiction when your body and your mind make you feel like you must have this drug or substance in order to simply feel normal.

Addiction treatment in Bellevue,  Washington,  at Hotel California by the Sea, focuses on helping young adults, men, and women, with alcohol addiction, as well as substance abuse.  We offer many evidenced-based drug or alcohol treatment plans to our clients, and those with prescription abuse issues are no exception.

Are you wondering if you could possibly be one of these people who have a problem getting off a prescription drug?  Are you taking a medication that was not prescribed for you?  Are you ingesting higher doses than those which were prescribed by your doctor?  Or maybe you are taking the medication more times in one day than prescribed?  Could you be taking the prescription just simply because you like the way it makes you feel?  Answering yes to any one of these questions could mean that you have a prescription drug abuse issue.  Hotel California by the Sea in Bellevue, Washington, is standing right here, ready to work with you on your substance use disorder.   

Why Hotel California by the Sea, Bellevue?

Hotel California by the Sea has world-renowned programs for substance use disorders of every kind.

Men, women, and young adults who have an addiction to a prescription medication have a great chance at success in recovery here at HCBTS.

Our state-of-the-art facility, located just ten miles outside of Seattle, Washington, houses our comprehensive facility and offers inpatient or outpatient treatment options. 

Whether you need short term assistance, a detoxification program, help with designing a recovery plan or pain management, or a way to identify and cope with your addiction and your mental illness, come to HCBTS-Bellevue, which is among the best drug rehabs in the United States.

Our therapies for prescription drug abuse always take on a holistic approach.  We understand we must treat the whole person. Your treatment plan could include withdrawal assistance, pain management, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, involvement in one of our twelve-step programs, family therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, and relapse prevention.

Let HCBTS, Bellevue work with you in discovering the personalized recovery treatment plan that will work best for you. We’ll help you succeed in overcoming your prescription medication addiction.

Hotel California by the Sea Bellevue rehab program:

  • 10 miles from Seattle, Washington
  • Inpatient and outpatient options
  • Evidence-based treatment therapies
  • Alumni Program
  • Family Program
  • Therapy for family members
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Structured environment
  • Uncomparable support system

Common Prescription Drugs Of Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is often an unintentional result. Maybe you had surgery and your doctor prescribed a pain relief medication. People do usually equate opiates with prescription drug addiction.  And it is a huge problem; however, it is not the only type of prescription substance use disorder.  It may be that you were treated for an ailment requiring a stimulant, an opiate, a benzodiazepine or other type of medical treatment.  See if you might be in one of these situations.


Prescription opioids are highly useful in treating uncontrollable pain.  But they can also be profoundly addictive due to their signature euphoric effects. Common brand names are:

  • Hydrocodone®.
  • Dilaudid®.
  • Oxycodone®.
  • Vicodin®.
  • Hydromorphone®.
  • Morphine sulphate and fentanyl products, as well as codeine phosphate.

Opiate addiction is extremely hard to overcome on your own. Howeve,  treatment centers like Hotel California by the Sea in Bellevue Washington offer health care professionals with a lot of experience in working with clients addicted to opiates. We craft treatment plans with clients and their loved ones that are completely tailored to the individual needs of the person suffering from addiction and their family.

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Stimulants are the types of medication that work similarly to caffeine (but of course, caffeine is much less powerful).

Stimulants, for those who abuse the drugs, can give you lots of energy, make you feel focused and alert, and often boost your attitude, making you feel like you can do anything.

These medications are often prescribed by doctors for conditions such as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), narcolepsy, and certain thyroid conditions.

However stimulants can be highly addictive and are often abused by people. Some common stimulants go under the brand names of:

  • Concerta®
  • Ritalin®
  • Methylin®
  • Ritalin®
  • Adderall®
  • Dexedrine®
  • Vyvanse®
  • Dextrostat®
  • ProCentra®. 

These are some of the more common brand names for drugs classified as methylphenidates, amphetamines, dextroamphetamines, and dexamphetamines.

If you are struggling with stimulant abuse, have no fear.  Hotel California by the Sea in Bellevue, Washington, has a treatment plan that offers you assistance in overcoming this strong dependence. 


Benzodiazepines are a class of medicines that cause sedation, relieve muscle spasms, reduce anxiety and help with the control or prevention of seizures.

These medicines are depressants that affect your central nervous system.  They have a very calming effect on you both physically and mentally.  This relaxing effect makes them addictive. However, it takes more and more of these types of medicines to produce the same effect.

Common names for benzodiazepines are:

  • Valium®.
  • Klonopin®.
  • Xanax®.
  • Ativan®.

If this sounds like an addiction that you feel has control of you, it is time to seek treatment with a rehab facility such as Hotel California by the Sea, Bellevue.  The physical reliance caused by benzodiazepines make it difficult to do this by yourself.  HCBTS-Bellevue offers treatment for your withdrawal symptoms, as well as drug abuse treatment that our compassionate clinical professionals design with you.

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Other Types of Prescription Medication Addictions

We have not exhausted the list of prescription medications that often lead to addiction. Another class of drugs similar to benzodiazepines are called barbiturates.

Barbiturates are used to treat seizures, anxiety disorders, and insomnia. Although not as common as benzodiazepines, barbiturates are still the problem for many prescription medication addicts.

 Common names for barbiturates are:

  • Seconal®.
  • Amytal®.
  • Nembutal®.
  • Luminol®.

Again, overcoming an addiction to medications such as barbiturates can be very dangerous when you try to handle it on your own.  Seek the help of HCBTS in Bellevue, where you will be treated with respect and dignity as we are with you through the detoxification and the recovery treatment from barbiturates.

Prescription Drugs Vs. Illegal Substances

Sometimes people suffering from addiction believe that, since the drug that seems to have a hold on them is legal or prescribed by their doctor, that they are not suffering from a substance use disorder.

However, the inability to live without a substance (whether that be alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medications), means that you might need to seek treatment to put an end to your substance abuse.

Whether you consider yourself as having a substance use disorder or a physical dependence on a prescription medication, you need to find one of the treatment facilities that specialize in detoxification, as well as inpatient treatment.  Hotel California by the Sea in Bellevue, Washington, specializes in prescription drug abuse recovery and can help you during each phase of your recovery.

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