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Will My Insurance Cover Treatment?

Substance abuse, alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder treatment are now more accessible than ever. With the help of health insurance coverage, anyone can get the help they need. Hotel California by the Sea is a premier behavioral health program that provides evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We accept most major insurance plans and have in-networks contracts with various larger insurance companies.

Insurance Verification Form

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Finding an addiction treatment provider is a tedious and confusing process. Our team of clinical rehab experts is available to help you. We can assist in verifying your insurance benefits and provide detailed information explaining the ins and outs of your insurance coverage. We can also help explain any out-of-pocket fees and other financial responsibilities you need to be aware of when finding a treatment program.

The insurance verification process is completely confidential. We will be able to provide detailed information regarding substance use disorder treatment covered by your plan. We will take into consideration factors such as deductibles, copays and other out-of-pocket financial responsibilities and provide the most accurate cost of treatment.

Below is a list of the most popular insurance providers we accept at Hotel California by The Sea:

Learn more about benefits and coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment by filling out the Verification of Benefits form below. You can also call or live chat with our admissions team.

The streamlined admissions process at Hotel California by the Sea

At Hotel California by the Sea, we aim to make the admissions process as streamlined and as easy as possible. Clients will receive an initial intake interview. During this process, the client’s medical, psychological and family history is taken into consideration when creating a treatment plan. Together with the client, we review all substance use disorder treatment including various levels of care. An individualized treatment plan is created. Finally, we will help clients manage and coordinate all the logistics of admissions, detox, residential and outpatient programs when a patient decides on treatment with our drug and alcohol rehab.

Step 1: Initial client Intake

Drug and alcohol addiction can seem like a lonely place. You don’t have to go through it alone. Hotel California by the Sea in Washington, California or Ohio is ready to help you. We are here to encourage you to make the first step into recovery. Upon initial intake, each client will receive a comprehensive healthcare assessment with an intake coordinator.

A biopsychosocial healthcare assessment consists of pinpointing specific aspects of a person’s overall health and well-being. Information and details such as current struggles associated with their addiction, previous treatments, and overall medical and psychiatric history are important. Upon reviewing the assessment, the client and their assigned clinical team will create a unique and individualized treatment plan that will address specific concerns for their condition. 

Step 2: We will verify your Insurance

With health insurance coverage, substance and alcohol addiction treatment has become more affordable and accessible. We believe treatment should be available to everyone who is serious about his or her recovery. A financial barrier should never be a determining factor in overcoming addiction. Throughout all three of our locations, Hotel California by the Sea has partnered with most major insurance programs to provide effective, evidenced-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Our admissions team will make verifying your insurance as simple as possible. We can talk to your insurance company on your behalf and provide you with detailed information regarding your behavioral health coverage. We will help you understand and navigate all the administrative and financial obligations when it comes to treatment. Our insurance verification is completely confidential. Reach out to our admissions team and take the first step toward a healthier and drug-free life.

Step 3: Reviewing our specialized Treatment Options

There is no one size fits all when it comes to substance and alcohol addiction treatment. At Hotel California by the Sea, we believe in creating individualized treatment plans to provide a more well-rounded approach to healing. Customize treatment plans often result in a higher recovery success rate because it is tailored toward the unique needs of each client.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program offers varying levels of care ranging from detox, residential and outpatient services. Clients may intake at our detox program, where they will receive 24-hour services as they work on removing harmful substances from the body. During this vulnerable stage, patients can be treated with medicine and other forms of medication management to aid in the withdrawal process.

Once detox has been completed, patients will move into residential treatment where they will be able to continue medication treatment as well as begin intensive individual and group therapies. Rigorous therapies include CBT, DBT and EMDR therapy. We specialize in dual diagnosis treatments and believe addressing the psychological aspect of addiction is just as important as treating physical addiction.

When clients move out of residential care, outpatient programs such as PHP and IOP are available. Throughout outpatient programs, patients will continue therapy as well as have access to unique social services to help them slowly transition into independent life.

Step 4: You have committed to recovery at Hotel California by the Sea

Hotel California by the Sea has locations in Washington, California and Ohio. This allows us to help clients from all over the country. Our team of experienced rehab clinical experts will assist you through all the logistics of getting into one of our three main rehab locations. Everything from transportation to detox, inpatient or outpatient facilities and understanding financial responsibilities will be organized through our program.

Once you have booked a ticket to come to one of our drug and alcohol rehab locations, we will make sure you get on your flight. Managing and arranging the first steps in your rehab journey will help patients worry less about the program logistics and more about their treatment and health. Upon arrival at our facility, each patient will receive a full physical and psychological assessment. With the assistance of medical physicians, psychiatrists, therapists and case managers, patients will create a customized treatment plan. This is where your journey to sobriety begins.