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Career Resource Program For Addiction in Bellevue Washington

Substance abuse disrupts every area of our lives, including our professional endeavors. While some of our clients lose their jobs before entering treatment with HCBTS, others have never quite found a career that felt right for them. Or, perhaps they lacked the skills necessary to function in a work environment.


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Our drug and alcohol rehab in Bellevue, Washington, has multiple programs that help people recover from addiction while also addressing other important aspects of their identity, such as their family life and work life. One of these programs is our Career Resource program.

Restoring the professional lives of our clients is about more than just helping them find a way to support themselves through their recovery process; we strive to help our clients rediscover their true purpose and embody this purpose through their participation in the workforce.

Recovery is built upon more than just therapy and community – it’s built upon goals, dreams, and aspirations. It’s built for something larger than our current selves. Read on to learn more about how HCBTS’ team helps clients pursue more than just sobriety, but a thriving and fulfilling professional life.

A person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction will always face a pivotal moment where they must decide between two options: resume a pattern of drug or alcohol use that has pervaded their life, or build something new and beautiful for themselves. 

This decision isn’t easy. An old way of living comes with familiarity and an unhealthy comfort that can be tempting to turn back to. On the contrary, the new course comes with a daunting sense of uncertainty. This path can feel unfamiliar and, at times, insurmountable. 

This is where Hotel California by the Sea is here to help. With the proper treatment, a client can safely and thoroughly recover from drug and alcohol abuse and go on to pursue higher learning, a new career, and achieve their wildest dreams. Treatment at Hotel California by the Sea allows clients to rediscover old passions and nurture newly-revealed parts of themselves.

If navigated correctly, choosing sobriety can open up a world of endless possibilities for someone ready to create a healthy and sustainable way of life. HCBTS understands the importance

People who have struggled with addiction often feel that they are rebuilding their lives from a place far behind their peers. Addiction can take away years of critical developmental time; other people have had to build their careers and skill sets.

It is overwhelming knowing where to start to repair your financial and professional life, but it doesn’t have to be. 

At Hotel California By The Sea, we understand how crucial it is to not only look out for our client’s present goals but also help manifest their future ones. This is why we take a holistic approach to the process of healing from addiction, bringing intensive consideration to the personal and professional well-being of those trusting us with their long-term rehabilitation.

It is vital in the recovery process that as an individual goes through internal changes, the external grows to reflect those changes. That is why at HCBS, we offer an in-depth and useful Career Resources Program that encompasses all of the tools necessary to ensure success beyond our facility.

What We Offer

Working on yourself and working simultaneously isn’t always easy. Our Career Resources Program is versatile and caters to the needs of each individual client. We all have our own story – our own strengths and weaknesses – that have led us to where we are now. A one-size-fits-all program would not reflect that diversity, which is why we have chosen to create a program consisting of several smaller entities that work together to create a custom plan that fits each client’s needs. 

These resources include vocational training, career advice, and educational support. Experts at the Career Resources Program guide each client through their professional endeavors and show them how to prioritize career development while recovering from drug addiction. 

Three primary subcategories of the Career Resources Program have proved invaluable in sustaining the recovery of those who struggle with drug or alcohol abuse. These programs consist of an initiative geared towards higher-learning, a focus on cultivating life skills, and a job placement program that ensures our clients can support themselves through their recovery process.

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College Program

Here at Hotel California By The Sea, Bellevue, we know that furthered education is one of the best ways for someone to advance within their circumstances. That is why our clients pursuing higher education is an enormous priority for us. We commit to giving our clients the support and resources they need to find their classroom rhythm and eventually transition into a self-supporting full time career.

There are multiple colleges near our Washington state location, such as Bellevue College and University. The college program at HCBTS is designed for anyone looking to go to either a vocational school, junior college, or a university. Advisors are waiting to help with everything from the admission process to academic tutoring.

Our College Program Includes:

Customized educational plans
Assistance in transferring credits from prior institutions
Support in creating study groups
Coordinated transportation for those traveling for school

Whether it is accountability for clients to assure they complete their day-to-day assignments or advice for a client considering their future educational goals, Hotel California by the Sea offers it all.

The support system in place is meant to act as a safeguard against stressful triggers that can lead to cravings and relapse. This support has proved to be vital in ensuring the success of anyone looking to further their education, whether that be a first-time enroller or a graduate student.

Life Skills Program

This program picks up where the classroom ends. Unfortunately, not everyone is taught how to function in a normal work environment, manage their responsibilities, or cope with work-related stress. This part of our Career Resources Program is meant to be practical and accessible for those who haven’t learned some of life’s most valuable skills. The skills we teach at Hotel California by the Sea’s Career Resource Program range from financial literacy to professional behavior. This program is meant to help our clients sort the chaos of their day-to-day lives, manage stress, and restore structure, discipline, and balance.

This program encompasses, but is not limited to:

  • Budgeting
  • Resume development
  • Scheduling
  • Day-to-day prioritizing
  • Organization

There are monthly life skills meetings that help clients to incorporate these tangible tools into their everyday lives. Clients can effectively relieve some of the stress that comes with simultaneous self-work and healthy life changes in our Life Skills Program. Once these skills become habitual, a client can expect to have more mental time and energy to build their future plans and focus on constructive behavior.

Job Placement Program

One of the most essential and significant parts of our Career Resources Program is how we help our clients find a job. The Job Placement Program evaluates the strengths and interests of each client to find occupations that fulfill their personal desires and goals.

Once a client is ready to transition from inpatient treatment to a lower level of care, professional advisors help them find employment opportunities in a field of interest to them. In turn, this helps instill a sense of capability and purpose in someone working through recovery from drugs and alcohol and wishing to improve the overall quality of their life. These two values are substantial in the success of an individual’s overall rehabilitation. 

Our staff utilizes different professional assessments to bring into focus a client’s passion for their vocation. Resume development, mock interviews, and tangible job opportunities make this program effective in building a client’s road to sustainable independence. Additionally, clients will be coached in professional attire, interview etiquette, and vital occupational knowledge. This helps cultivate confidence and proficiency for anyone entering the work field.

The Program Here And Beyond

The Career Resources Program reflects HCBS’s lifelong commitment to our clients. We work to ensure that each of our clients has the unique resources they need to continue on their life path with confidence and competence after they leave our care. Our commitment to clients does not end at discharge. Alumni are always welcome and are encouraged to utilize the programs provided at our facility. 

Our Career Resource Center is the home of this program. On any given day, one will find recovering addicts building something tangible and sustainable for their lives in the Career Resource Center. This environment cultivates passion, competency, interest, and a sense of control over one’s own life. We are grateful and honored to provide a space that has proven to be so effective in long-term rehabilitation from substance abuse.

Recovery is not an easy process. It takes determination and character to sort through one’s life and decide to build something different from the past. With this program, we aim to honor that challenging (but rewarding) decision and give our clients the best possible lifelong recovery. 

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