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Our 14,000 square-foot outpatient treatment center for substance use disorders in Bellevue, Washington provides an ideal environment for people wishing to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. With modern amenities and ample space for various therapeutic activities, our outpatient building makes treating substance abuse issues a peaceful and healing experience.

Clients in our outpatient levels of care, such as Partial Hospitalization Treatment (PHP), Intensive Outpatient care (IOP), and Outpatient programming (OP) spend a majority of their programming hours in our outpatient building. The outpatient center at Hotel California by the Sea, Bellevue, is located only 10 minutes from Seattle, WA, making for an easy commute for those living at home or in sober living while attending our treatment program. Additionally, clients may choose to live in one of our beautiful transitional living homes while pursuing outpatient treatment. 

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