Effective Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in St. Louis 

“Thorough”, “dynamic”, “radical” – these are the words people often use to describe Hotel California by the Sea’s addiction treatment program in St. Louis, Missouri.  

Our diverse treatment options ensure that each client who enters our program is treated according to their unique needs and preferences. This way, we can give our clients the ability to flourish not only in their sobriety but also in other crucial areas of their life. 

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While other addiction treatment programs may only focus on a client’s cessation of drug or alcohol use, Hotel California by the Sea prefers to take a broad approach to our clients’ situations and incorporate their family members, professional goals, living situations, and more into their treatment plans.

Customizable Treatment for Substance Abuse Issues

We believe that creating a customizable treatment experience for each client at HCBTS will help them recover from drug and alcohol addiction. At HCBTS, our founders understood from the very beginning that addiction is a common disease with many universal symptoms. However, addiction does not discriminate and affects people of different ages, cultures, financial backgrounds, familial situations, and more. 

To accommodate these fundamental differences between diverse populations, HCBTS focuses on providing exclusive and specialized treatment tracks to clients in our outpatient program that are not only separated by age group and gender, but also by life experience, co-occurring disorders, and unique treatment considerations.  

Unless a client is willing to change anything to get sober, or at least be open to changing a lot about their life, they will likely have some trouble staying sober. Hotel California by the Sea helps clients create radical shifts in every area of their life so that, once they leave our program, they are in  

Who We Are 

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Hotel California by the Sea’s staff consists of men and women with professional degrees in psychology, medicine, and/or years of experience in the field of addiction. Our staff members – from physicians, to admissions specialists, to treatment technicians – work feverishly each day to help our clients find their way out of addiction and establish a new and sustainable way of life.  

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Monthly Family Education and Support Program

At HCBTS, we don’t just focus on helping our clients stop using drugs or alcohol, but also hone in on their family members to assist them in healing from the disease of addiction. Together, clients and their family members achieve a healthy and functional new normal at Hotel California by the Sea. 

At HCBTS, we offer a monthly family program to current and past clients and their family members. This family program exists to offer support and guidance to clients and their family members, educate them more about the disease of addiction, and give them a safe and supportive environment to voice their troubles, questions, and experiences with substance abuse.  

To further support clients and their loved ones and help mend their relationships, Hotel California by the Sea also offers family therapy to clients so that they can establish new dynamics within their family unit while still remaining in a safe and supportive environment.  

Transitional Living: Overcome Drug Abuse in Supportive Sober Living 

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Hotel California by the Sea has transitional living homes, or sober living homes, for those attending our outpatient rehabilitation program. Clients in transitional living are offered transportation to and from our recovery center, 12-step meetings, shopping, and more. 

Transitional living is the perfect place for our clients to remain accountable to their sobriety and form close bonds with those around them. Only those participating in our outpatient program at our St. Louis treatment center are offered the chance to live in one of our transitional living homes. By enforcing this rule, our clients are able to form close connections and lifelong relationships with the people they are attending treatment with. 


Career Resources Program:

Pursue Your Professional Goals With The Help of HCBTS 

Along with sobriety comes the invaluable opportunity to seize new professional endeavors and develop novel practical skills that will aid you throughout the course of your lifetime. Our clients at Hotel California by the Sea have the chance to participate in our unique and HCBTS-exclusive Career Resources Program. 

The Career Resources Program at Hotel California by the Sea is a professional and academic environment focused on helping those whose professional aspirations have been affected with the disease of addiction develop crucial life skills and pursue their goals.  

We help clients discover more about themselves and their aspirations. For example, one crucial part of our Career Resources Program is our use of tools to identify our clients’ strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and more telling aspects of their personality that could affect their educational and career decisions. 

Outpatient Rehab in St. Louis 

Hotel California by the Sea offers men and women multiple forms of drug addiction treatment in our diverse recovery across the country.  

Our St. Louis, Missouri, location near Kansas City provides substance abuse treatment on an outpatient basis to those struggling with drug abuse and other mental health conditions. Reach out to our admissions team today to learn more about how we help our clients get sober and set them up to maintain their new healthy and conducive way of living.  

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