Young Adult Detox Program

Safe detox program for young adultsWhen young men or young women first come to our young adult detox program, they are evaluated for the detoxification phase. We follow the ASAM criteria for all opiate and alcohol withdrawal cases and are a medically managed detoxification program. Our goal is to keep a young man or woman comfortable while they are going through detoxification. Many times, we find that young adults have been using methamphetamine or cocaine, and although there is not a formal detox protocol for those drugs, their physical and mental deterioration requires doctors’ supervision, extreme rest, and nutritional supplementation.

When a young person who comes to us is detoxing from prescription medication and/or opiates, it is imperative that we understand their complete medical history so that when we are preparing the regimen for medication taper, all bases are covered and safety of the client is ensured. Upon admission, a client’s blood pressure, vitals, and psychosocial history are gathered so that our doctors and clinical team may assist the coming down process, which can be uncomfortable.

Our young adult detox program is gender specific and the men and women are housed separately. Both our detoxification program as well as residential follow gender specific guidelines. Our accommodations are state of the art and our environments are designed for ultimate rest and relaxation.

2811 Villa Way, Newport Beach, CA 92663 · 866-557-0083