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At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, our inpatient treatment facilities located in the Cincinnati and Blue Ash area, provide men, women and young adults with a safe and structured environment to recover from their addictions. We provide gender specific residential facilities that cater to the unique needs of our clients, allowing them to recover in the most effective and healthy manner possible. 

Our Ohio inpatient facilities are conveniently located where individuals from across the country seeking drug and alcohol rehab services, have access to the help they deserve. Under the critical care of experienced medical doctors, psychiatrists, and rehab clinicians, clients will work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan. We will work to implement the necessary interventions, treatment options and medication methods that will best fit the unique needs of each client. Our inpatient facility program ensures that each patient will advance through and overcome their addictions safely, comfortably and with dignity. 

Hotel California by the Sea Ohio Inpatient Facility Features

Inpatient treatment provides a safe haven that fosters a supportive community of recovery peers. We aim to provide the utmost comfort and care for our clients while living in our residential homes so they are able to focus on the recovery of their mental and physical health. Hotel California by the Sea Ohio believes in the positive power of community and fellowship, both of which are foundational within our residential recovery homes. 

Residential home environment includes:

  • Scenic and serene nature views
  • Access to various outdoor activities 
  • A modern and comfortable living environment upgraded with the latest technology
  • Access to specialized catered meals along with nutritional support

Inpatient Treatment Process

Detox is the first step in recovery and our drug and alcohol detox program offers around the clock care from medical physicians, psychiatrists and clinical rehab staff. The goal of detox is the full elimination of drugs, alcohol and other harmful mind-altering substances from the body. We know this can be a daunting and difficult task, so our experienced team will be there to guide each patient throughout every step of this critical process. Clients will be closely monitored, given daily assessments and if needed, begin medication assisted treatment or other forms of withdrawal management in order to keep the patient safe and comfortable during the medical detox

Once patients have been able to safely remove all traces of substances from the body, they will continue rigorous treatments in residential care. These residential facilities offer the continued 24/7 support, access to medical doctors, therapists and even case managers. During residential treatment, patients will begin to focus on their emotional and psychological wellbeing through various behavioral health therapies such as EMDR therapy, CBT and DBT. These specialized therapies help patients get to and understand the root causes of their addictions, as many are deeply connected with previous co-occurring mental health conditions or may have triggered the development of new mental health disorders. During these therapy sessions, patients will learn and practice effective coping skills and techniques to face their addiction and maintain long term recovery. 


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Residential Inpatient care highlights include:

  • Round the clock supervision
  • A highly structured environment
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions
  • Access to rehab clinicians and case managers
  • Access to aftercare and life skill building services
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