Our Admissions Process

At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, we strive to make the admission process as simple and as seamless as possible. We can verify your insurance for you, help you understand your policy benefits and options for treatment and help you sort out any financial responsibilities. We accept most major insurance policies and will happily work with you to implement a financial plan or other helpful financial solutions. We will go through all the general administrative work for you, so you can focus on healing and recovering from your addiction. Our admission staff is ready to help you find the best treatment options to fit your unique needs.

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If you find treatment with Hotel California by the Sea Ohio doesn’t exactly fit your needs, it’s not a problem. We will be happy to guide you in an alternative direction and help you find the right place to receive treatment for your substance use disorder that will cater to your physical, emotional and financial preferences. 

Initial Intake

Upon initial intake into our rehab treatment center, clients will be welcomed with certified and experienced rehab clinicians ready to help you on your journey to recovery. Patients will receive a full biopsychosocial assessment where a physical and psychological evaluation will be taken, along with full medical history. 

Important information such as the following will be documented and taken into consideration when formulating a successful treatment plan for each patient:

  • Type of substance being used
  • Frequency of substance being used
  • The duration of use of substance
  • History of medical conditions related or unrelated to substance use
  •  Any psychiatric conditions or mental health conditions
  •  Current living environment
  • Social and family support

Each patient will be assigned a clinical team of medical physicians, psychiatrists, a case manager and other clinical staff. Together with the patient, a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan will be created. 

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Drug and Alcohol rehab treatment options at Hotel California by the Sea Ohio

At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, we offer a multitude of treatment options for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our detox treatment program has options for medication-assisted treatments and other forms of withdrawal management. Residential programs focus strongly on behavioral therapies such as EMDR therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. And while outpatient programming offers a continuation of these unique individual and group therapies, we also offer specialty aftercare and skill building services such as marriage and family support services and educational and career development resources services. 

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Conveniently located in the Cincinnati and Blue Ash area of Ohio, our drug and alcohol rehab facilities specialize in treating substance use disorders and dual diagnosis treatments. We provide a full spectrum of services ranging from detox, residential and outpatient treatment programs. Our goal is to help you recover and rediscover your independence in a happy and healthy life. 

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