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At Hotel California by the Sea, we understand that recovering from a substance use disorder does not just mean that someone quits using drugs or alcohol. To give sobriety longevity, someone must work to significantly improve every area of their life.  

At our drug rehab in Ohio, we treat people from every walk of life for substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental health conditions. However, without a strong support network and professional goals, it can sometimes prove more challenging for a client to continue on their path of sobriety after they leave our care. 

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That’s why we encourage our clients to take advantage of their time at Hotel California by the Sea. To get the most out of our program, we recommend utilizing each of our specialty programs, one of which is our Career Resources Program. 

This program consists of three pillars: 

  • Life skills training 
  • College
  • Job placement 

When most people enter rehab, they may expect to attend group therapy or individual therapy sessions. However, HCBTS goes further to address the other parts of a client’s life besides just their addiction, with our Career Resources program being a shining testimonial to this value. 

Hotel California by the Sea’s Career Resources program is a unique and exclusive program designed for those in our inpatient and outpatient facilities. This program has helped countless people turn their focus from drug and alcohol use, to building and improving their professional lives. Read on to learn more to get a quick breakdown of our Career Resources Program, its main components, and why it has changed the lives of so many of our clients. We take our clients from surviving to thriving.  

Life Skills Training

Many people who struggle with addiction and other co-occurring disorders have either had less of an opportunity to develop daily living skills or have long since forgotten these skills since the beginning of their addiction. Establishing the proper life skills during treatment can help clients maintain momentum once they eventually transition out of our program. 

The Life Skills Training portions of our Career Resource Program teaches clients to set goals, work towards those goals, and eventually attain those goals. Although clients of every age can benefit from the life skills training portion of the Career Resource Program, it is perhaps especially helpful to young adults with less experience in the workforce. 

Our Career Center helps clients with a variety of specific life skills, such as: 
  • Learning how to create and update an intriguing resume. 
  • How to plan properly and prioritize tasks. 
  • How to properly schedule days. 
  • How to be more organized. 
  • Creating and sticking to a realistic budget based on pay and living expenses. 

People who are young and struggled with a substance use disorder often aren’t able to form the proper habits to find or hold down past jobs during their addiction. At Hotel California by the Sea, Cincinnati, we help clients who don’t have the proper life skills to properly identify their skills, search for jobs, and be an exceptional employee.  

These life skills can help clients in their professional lives for years to come, and serve as the perfect cornerstone for when first entering the job market (or simply re-entering the job market as a newly sober individual). 

College and Career Planning

Many of our clients either stopped pursuing higher education or decided against college altogether once their drug or alcohol addiction swallowed their lives. 

With recovery comes the ability to gain clarity about where you left off and reorient yourself with where you’d like to land in your educational training. Academia is not an easy pursuit; for someone struggling with a mental health condition, they’ll likely need extra assistance when sorting through the intricacies of finding the right college, figuring out how to afford college, and actually attending classes and managing their coursework and time management. 

Sometimes, people in our care want to resume or begin their educational endeavors, but don’t know what they want to do for the rest of their lives yet. This is completely normal. At HCBTS, we help clients discover more about themselves through individual therapy and personal assessments. Through these practices, clients can gain more clarity about themselves, their talents, and their deepest desires. 

There are multiple colleges in Ohio, as well as many online schools for clients to begin or resume their higher learning. 

Our advisers can help clients: 

  • By helping them build custom education plans. 
  • Assisting them in transferring credits from prior institutions. 
  • Creating study groups to offer support to clients currently attending college. 
  • Coordinated transportation for those traveling for school.   

Our educational program, however, doesn’t just help those who wish to go to college. We also help clients navigate the process of gaining their GED and other certifications. Whatever your educational goals, Hotel California by the Sea will work with you to help you reach them. 

Some colleges near Cincinnati, Ohio:  

  • University of Cincinnati 
  • Cincinnati State (2 year programs, certificates, and pre-bachelors programs) 
  • Xavier University 
  • Miami University – Middletown 
  • Mount St. Joseph University 
  • Cincinnati Christian University 

Job Placement

Let our staff help find a client a new position in the local area. 

If a client is looking for job opportunities in Cincinnati, Ohio and its other surrounding areas, Hotel California by the Sea can help. Cincinnati, Ohio has a surplus of jobs for people in most career fields. In fact, the Cincinnati area currently has an unemployment rate that is significantly lower than the national unemployment average. 

No matter your experience or your goals, staff managing our Career Resources Program can work with clients one-on-one to help them find, apply to, and follow up with job opportunities in the local area. Those working in our Career Resources Program are highly knowledgeable about local job opportunities and keep close watch on new position postings. This way, they can help clients find their perfect professional fit.  

Job Placement ensures that clients will be able to support themselves and maintain functional lives once they leave inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment. At Hotel California by the Sea, we want our clients to pursue their biggest hopes and dreams beyond recovery from drug or alcohol addiction – it’s what getting sober is all about! 

Find Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Ohio 

If you or a loved one is searching for treatment in Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. Hotel California by the Sea in Cincinnati, Ohio offers a plethora of treatment options and levels of care to people who are desperate for a way out of the cycle of addiction, such as: 

What level of care a client begins treatment in depends on various factors, like how severe their withdrawal symptoms are, the severity of their cravings, and the level of flexibility they need while attending addiction treatment. 

All in all, it takes willingness to seek treatment and maintain recovery. But with the help of Hotel California by the Sea, recovery from drugs and alcohol is possible. 

Putting it All Together 

At Hotel California by the Sea, we help clients get to the root causes of their addiction and give proper attention to a client’s past, present, and future. Although clients are in our care presently, we also know that someone needs to thoroughly assess their past and make tangible plans for their future to maintain sobriety after leaving treatment. 

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For example, many clients who enter our care suffer from co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, insomnia, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and more. Others tend to have been through frightening or traumatic experiences, and need a specialized treatment plan to help them address their trauma while recovering from drugs and alcohol. 

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