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At Hotel California by the Sea’s Ohio drug treatment center, we help men struggling with substance abuse turn their lives around and take back control of their future. Through structure, specialized treatment plans, and a vast support network, Hotel California by the Sea, Cincinnati, provides men an ideal space to recover from their substance abuse issues.

At Hotel California by the Sea’s Ohio location, you will find that we have available for you a large assortment of treatment programs specific to men.

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Levels of Care for Men in Ohio

At HCBTS, Cincinnati, our men’s rehab center will help you create a treatment plan that will allow you to overcome your addiction and stay sober. Our clinical professionals will team up with you to develop a substance abuse treatment plan that fits your personal, professional, and financial needs. Our rehab programs will help you tackle your drug abuse or alcohol abuse head-on. And since you’re unique, we have multiple levels of care to offer you.

Drug Detox for Men

Our drug and alcohol detoxification program is designed to help you through the difficult first phases of abstinence. Many men tend to experience uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms during withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, like chills, anxiety, and nausea. Some withdrawal symptoms can be especially dangerous and require the most intensive supervision during someone’s detox process.

Drug detox at our inpatient facility helps men manage these withdrawal symptoms through medications, therapy, and round-the-clock monitoring. This level of care protects men from the sometimes dangerous and often uncomfortable experience of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. We are with you every step of the way, assuring that your transition into sobriety and away from harmful substances begins smoothly.

We help men detox from substances such as alcohol, cocaine, meth, heroin, prescription opioids, and more. At Hotel California by the Sea in Cincinnati, Ohio, you will also have your choice of attending either our residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or totally outpatient program after detox.

Residential Treatment for Men

During residential treatment, men remain in our facility while working on the physical, mental, and emotional stressors caused by their substance abuse issues. Men will have a wide choice of treatment options, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), group therapy, 12-step programs , and more.

Residential treatment is a life-changing experience that provides men a space to connect with other men in recovery while concentrating on themselves.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for Men

HCBTS, Cincinnati, also extends its partial hospitalization program to its male clients. This treatment level is available to young adult males and mature adult males who are not quite ready to leave our facility. The ideal clients for this program still require a little extra accountability to remain clean and sober. In PHP, men may continue the programs, services, and therapies available to them in inpatient treatment. Still, they do not stay overnight at our facility.

Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient Program

The next step down from PHP is our intensive outpatient therapy program (IOP). This reinforcement-based program is set somewhere similar to our residential program, except you do not live and stay on-premises. Instead, in IOP, clients attend our program for day treatment only and for fewer hours than in PHP.

In IOP, you have the option of attending our program during the day hours or late afternoon and evening program hours, providing extra flexibility to male clients. In IOP, you’ll likely participate in the same types of programs and treatments available to you in residential treatment, but you will not stay over night. Thus, you will still have access to the same treatment supports, therapists, clinical professionals, activities, and services as a residential client.

If and when you and your medical team decide, you might opt for our outpatient program. Hotel California by the Sea’s outpatient program in Cincinnati gives you the ability to create a custom-tailored experience that is more flexible and allows you the most freedom to work, attend school, or continue on with your life while still working on your chosen program. When you enter our outpatient program, you will always be in control of your treatment goals; you will work one-on-one with your clinical team to implement the most successful treatment strategies for you.

Another critical piece of the recovery puzzle is our aftercare program for recovering males. As an HCBTS, Cincinnati client, we will still always be interested and feel invested in your continued recovery and success after you move on. Through our recovery coaching program and aftercare alternatives, you can be confident that we are always here to assist, advise, and accompany you on your continued journey.

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Treating Trauma in Men

Men addicted to alcohol or drugs are often no strangers to trauma. Substance use disorders and other mental health issues often stem from terrible events experienced earlier in someone’s life. Whether you suffered a traumatic event one day ago, one year ago, one decade ago, or even longer, you are still dealing with the long-term adverse effects of this incident. Until you address your trauma, it may continue to manifest within you in different ways.

Hotel California by the Sea has an in-depth knowledge of trauma and specializing in helping clients overcome their trauma. Our science-based therapy options, such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), will give you the tools and coping skills needed to beat painful, emotionally disturbing experiences once and for all.

Differences Between Treating Men and Women

Men and women are diagnosed with drug or alcohol abuse disorders at an equally alarming rate. Your gender can sometimes work against your recovery in many ways, whether you are male or female. There are dissimilarities in how substance use disorders may manifest depending upon your gender.

Biological distinctions between the sexes mean that there are often relevant differences in how our bodies’ systems work. For instance, brain function can vary between men and women. How a chemical substance affects someone’s brain function and structure can create conflicting outcomes, depending on your gender.

Women often have more severe adverse medical and psychiatric effects caused by a substance abuse issue. On the other hand, men arrive more often than women at hospitals and emergency rooms with drug overdoses.

What does this mean for you? Hotel California by the Sea will consider the scientifically proven causes and effects of SUDs to help you decide your treatment goals. We have gender-specific techniques, therapies, activities, and programs that will fully address your particular needs as a man.

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