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Family Program for Addiction in Cincinnati, Ohio

Addiction is a family disease. Not only can an addiction to drugs and alcohol affect the individual who is abusing substances, but it can affect their entire family unit including loved ones, relationships and friendships. SUD and AUD can cause impairment of emotional and physical intimacy, poor communication and difficulty in forming and maintaining healthy relationships. Because of this, individuals who have an addiction begin to suffer even more from isolation from their supportive community. 


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Family support in substance addiction treatment has been clinically proven to aid in long-term recovery for drug addicts and alcoholics. We believe family support programming and therapy is an essential factor often overlooked and should be implemented into substance addiction treatment. Our goal is to help our patients heal in all aspects of their lives including family relationships affected by their addiction. 

The Effects of Addiction on Families of Drug Addicts

Hotel California by the Sea Ohio offers an intimate monthly family addiction program for both present and past clients. The program is designed specifically to help loved ones of people recovering from addiction in our inpatient and outpatient programs. In these therapeutic sessions, loved ones are educated on the ups and downs of addiction, given a safe space for open communication, and learn how to best support their loved one suffering from addiction. 

Support systems are an integral part of a person’s recovery from substance abuse issues. We believe a strong and healthy support system is an essential factor in the success of long-term sobriety and encourage all of our patients to utilize our unique family addiction program to aid in their recovery. The goal of our program is to provide support and guidance to families as they navigate the emotional struggles with their loved ones and address any important components to help with family healing. 

Strained relationships from Addiction

Addiction can often be the cause of many strained relationships. Whether it is an intimate relationship between partners or a familial relationship between loved ones, drug and alcohol abuse can cause harm to both parties involved. Our programs for families of drug addicts are designed to help patients and their loved ones effectively communicate their feelings and how it has impacted the family dynamic. Our certified therapists and psychiatrists encourage patients to be open and transparent about their feelings about their addiction in order to create a better understanding for their loved ones. We help clients and their families move past interpersonal damage and achieve individual and conjoined growth.

Dealing with the financial burdens of Addiction

Seeking help for a drug and alcohol addiction isn’t always easy. One factor that is seldom mentioned when talking about substance abuse is the financial toll it can have on the addict and families of addicts. When a person becomes more and more addicted, they begin to use more and more drugs. In some extreme cases, individuals have gone so far as to max out all of their finances, going into debt or stealing money just to keep funding their addiction. Finance is already an uneasy topic of discussion between families and their recovered loved ones. With the support and guidance of our certified counselors in our family addiction program, patients and their loved ones can learn the best course of action to approach subjects of money and finances. 

Physical and Emotional Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse can cause a whole host of both physical and emotional harm. Addiction causes a person to become more and more dependent on the substance in order to feel “normal.” However, increased usage of these substances begin to take a negative toll on the person by physically altering their brain function, which in turn can cause emotional dysregulation. Individuals begin to develop depression, anxiety and other co-occurring mental health conditions due to damage to their brain. Not only can addiction affect the brain, harmful substances can also begin to harm the kidneys, lungs, liver and cardiovascular system. 

How does Family Therapy work?

Having a strong family support system can be greatly beneficial for those who are in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. When family therapies and programs are added into an individual’s treatment plan, it can further increase the chances for a successful recovery and long-term sobriety. At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, we offer family addiction programs, which include marriage and family therapy for patients and their loved ones, and assistance in locating recovery support groups aimed at families of recovering addicts. 

Patients in both our residential and outpatient programming regularly meet with their addiction counselors and therapists, who often encourage family therapy as a healthy treatment for recovery. We are dedicated to supporting our patients through every aspect of their recovery. By increasing awareness of the cognitive and behavioral patterns that are attributed to a substance use disorder, families and loved ones will be able to better understand and support the individuals who are suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction. All of our family sessions are led by mental health professionals, certified addiction counselors and family therapists. 

Individualized Therapy

When it comes to family therapy, sometimes patients are unable or even unwilling to participate with family members. In cases like this, individual therapy sessions work on unpacking and examining emotions and behaviors surrounding family issues that have impacted their addiction. Patients will focus on changing problematic thoughts and learn how to effectively cope with distressing situations that may involve their family relationships. Types of individual therapies include CBT, DBT and EMDR therapy

Group Therapy

Our group therapy sessions for families of drug addicts and alcoholics were designed to help identify family patterns that contribute to behavioral disorders associated with a drug and alcohol addiction. In group sessions, patients and their loved ones address issues related to the substance use disorder and participate in honest and open communication about their feelings. These relationships and behaviors between the struggling addict and their family members are explored and ultimately used to strengthen family relationships and support. With a strong support system, patients struggling with addiction have greater internal and external motivation to recover.

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Methods and techniques of Family Therapy

Many people who struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders have had less opportunities to develop basic life skills due to their sole focus on treatment and healing from their addictions. However, by establishing the necessary and proper life skills during treatment, we can significantly help patients succeed in a happy and healthy life when they transition out of our rehab program. 

Family therapy has been clinically proven to help patients in addiction treatment, achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. In family therapy, patients together with their loved ones, unpack emotions, create an understanding of behaviors and make positive changes moving forward in order to support the individual struggling with addiction. There are many types of family therapy models including: psychoeducation, Bowenian, strategic and systemic family therapy. 


Families of individuals who are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction are not always aware of the effects of the addiction and how it can take a toll on the addict both mentally and physically. In psychoeducation family therapy, the goal is to help educate family members about the disease and how it has impacted both their lives and life of their struggling loved one. Under the professional guidance of therapists, families analyze four phases of therapeutic treatment including: transfer of information, medical treatment, training and support, and availability of a safe environment to vent. 

Bowenian Family Therapy

The Bowenian family therapy technique revolves around the patient and their relationship to their family and loved ones. In some cases, family members are unable or unwilling to participate in treatment. This type of therapy allows patients to unpack their family issues and learn how to become less emotionally reactive to family relationships and issues. 

Systemic Therapy

Systemic therapy allows patients and their loved ones to slowly unpack their feelings about how addiction has impacted them. This allows for a deeper look into their unconscious feelings and issues with the family that has directly or indirectly affected the patient’s substance addiction issues. Openly communicating allows for the creation of stronger bonds and a better understanding between family members. 

Strategic Therapy

Strategic therapy uses a combination of various psychotherapy methods. Families will learn how to make assessments and adjust the way they communicate and make decisions when it comes to their loved one suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. By improving and opening up communication between group members on their feelings about the addiction, patients and their loved ones can improve upon their family dynamics as a whole. 

Structural Therapy

In structural family therapy, patients and their families are addressed and treated as a single unit. The group will analyze how their personal habits, routines and behaviors have negatively impacted the family dynamic and will learn how to effectively change their problematic thinking. When group members are willing to make positive changes, it will in turn encourage support and accountability for addicts to recover and maintain long-term sobriety.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Our programs for families of drug addicts offer many options to help clients and their family members thoroughly understand the extent of physical and emotional harm that a substance addiction can inflict. Through addiction education, families will learn and understand the biology of substance use disorders and be able to make sense of what their loved one may be experiencing. As an outsider looking into someone else’s world of addiction, it can be difficult and confusing to decipher the addict’s feelings and thought process. 

With the help of family therapy, families will learn to acknowledge and ultimately accept that the disease of addiction affects everyone. Through this acceptance, family members can begin to re-evaluate their thoughts and behaviors and make positive changes in helping their loved one who is struggling with addiction. 

The family addiction program at Hotel California by the Sea Ohio is a place for honest and open communication. Structured group sessions allow for family members to express themselves without fear and ask the difficult questions about addiction, and learn how to better support and encourage their loved one in recovery. 

Our exclusive Family Addiction Program

At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, our goal is to provide the necessary assistance, tools and resources for families and their loved one to repair their relationships and ultimately help their loved one recover from addiction. We encourage all of our families and support networks of patients within inpatient and outpatient rehab to participate in our exclusive family support program. Not only is this beneficial for the patient in recovery, but it can help mend relationships that have been affected by addiction across the entire family unit. By addressing the entire family network in substance addiction therapy, patients will have a much greater chance of recovery and maintaining long-term sobriety. 

This program will give patients and their families the opportunity to engage in group therapy in an unbiased setting with our licensed therapists and certified counselors. We focus on examining family dynamics, conflict management and open communication between all members of the family. By addressing the family as a unit and healing together, patients will have a greater sense of encouragement and a more positive outlook on their recovery journey. 

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At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, our exclusive family addiction program is designed to help those suffering from addiction recover with the help and support of their loved ones. Because addiction is a disease that affects the entire family, addressing family and relationship issues is an important factor in the healing process of a person’s addiction treatment. Contact our admissions team today to learn more about our monthly family program available to patients within our residential and outpatient programming. 

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