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Substance Abuse Treatment for Women in Ohio

Women face unique challenges when it comes to recovering from a substance abuse disorder. At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, we understand the difficulties women encounter and our gender-specific rehab for women is designed specifically to address their needs. As one of the most sought after substance use disorder treatment programs for women, we have the tools, resources and services available to help women reclaim their lives one day at a time.


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In our rehab for women program, our female patients are surrounded by other like-minded peers who will listen, support and encourage each other during their recovery. This allows our female patients to feel safe without the negative social pressures they may face outside of rehab. In turn, patients are more willing to open up to healing through our different options for treatment. Our team of experienced addiction specialists works with our patients while guiding them through each level of care as they ultimately progress into life outside of rehab.

Women’s Rehab Program Overview

Women can and do recover from drug and alcohol abuse. Our drug rehab facilities in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, welcomes women struggling with issues of substance use disorder (SUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD). We are ready to help you put your world back together through our detox programs, residential treatment and outpatient programs. 

Our gender-targeted rehab for women program is designed around the experiences, concerns and needs of women in substance addiction recovery. We’ve created a special program for women struggling with trauma, financial issues and co-occurring mental health conditions alongside their substance abuse disorder. We focus on helping women pursue their personal and professional dreams through our career resources program and empower them through our structured and guided individual and group therapies. Some of these comprehensive treatments may include EMDR therapy, group therapy sessions, family therapy services or assistance in locating local addiction recovery support groups. 

With our endless options of evidenced based treatment methods, our women’s drug rehab program will help you discover your personal potential to heal as a person. Our goal isn’t just for our clients to recover from drug and alcohol abuse, but to create a sober and sustainable life.

Unique facility features at our Rehab for Women in Ohio

At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, our women’s drug rehab facility is located in a lush and green environment where patients have access to a variety of outdoor activities. It is conveniently located in the Cincinnati and Blue Ash area where clients from many neighboring states can easily access addiction treatment. 

The relaxing environment and attentive rehab staff provide women with a safe, secure and structured atmosphere to recover from their substance abuse disorder. In our rehab for women program, one of the main focuses of treatment revolves around trauma related issues. Effective cognitive therapies such as CBT, DBT and EMDR therapy are implemented into many treatment plans to help women uncover psychological root causes of their addiction and help them manage distressing emotions due to trauma. Because more women who enter into rehab show greater numbers in trauma related substance abuse issues, we cater our program to specifically addressing and treating dual diagnosis disorders. 

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How does Substance Use Disorder affect Women?

When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, women have very distinct and specific factors that lead to substance abuse and how they seek out treatment for this disorder. In general, women are less likely to seek out treatment due to the negative stigma of addiction, which then leads them to keep their issues a “secret.” Social and cultural pressures of a “women’s role” can contribute to women forgoing treatment. 

Traditional child-rearing, family obligations and responsibilities, along with trying to juggle a career become a priority over any substance abuse and mental health issues they may have. When women become overwhelmed with these responsibilities, oftentimes it leads them to self-medicate, which can ultimately lead to an addiction if left untreated over a long period of time. 

Another key factor in substance use disorders in women is attributed to trauma. Research has shown that women are more likely than men to face both past and present trauma. Childhood trauma, relationship trauma and family trauma have a much greater impact on a woman’s decision to use substances as well as her decision to seek treatment. 

When it comes to biological factors, women are more likely to develop an addiction with smaller amounts of drugs and alcohol at a much faster rate compared to men due to their generally smaller stature. Female bodies contain more fat and less water volume, making it more difficult to dilute the consumed substances. Women are also more likely to suffer from greater risks of liver damage, breast cancer and drug and alcohol relapse from over consumption of addictive substances. 

Rehab for Women: Levels of Care

For our patients entering into our rehab for women program, they will be guided through a comprehensive process consisting of detox, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment programs. There is no one size fits all approach to substance abuse treatment. We are committed to supporting and guiding our patients throughout every step of the rehab process. We offer a variety of options made to fit the needs of each individual seeking help with their addiction. 

Medical Detoxification for Women

The first phase of treatment in rehab consists of detoxing from any harmful and mind-altering substances in the body. Detox can be a challenging process both physically and mentally. Because of the difficulties that can come with detoxing, patients will find it highly beneficial to detox with an inpatient rehab program under the guidance and supervision of medical doctors and certified psychiatrists who can help with detox symptoms and withdrawal management. 

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Women

In our residential inpatient program, we offer our female patients around the clock care from our clinical rehab team of medical physicians, psychiatrists, case managers and various other rehab professionals. Our female patients will be given daily assessments to track their progress and make any necessary adjustments to medication and other treatment methods. During this phase of rehab, women will begin to focus on the psychological aspect of their addiction through various individual and group therapy sessions.

Partial Hospitalization Program for Women

In partial hospitalization programming (PHP), our female patients are still in a vulnerable state and will continue to need extra support throughout their rehab treatment. Once women move into PHP, they are able to continue intensive therapeutic treatments throughout the day in our outpatient facility and then return home at the end of the day. Though they are no longer under around the clock care from our expert rehab team, patients still have easy access to support and services within our outpatient drug rehab facilities. 

Aftercare for Women

Once our female patients have reached intensive outpatient programming (IOP), they are ready to begin transitioning into life outside of rehab. In this level of care, women will spend less time participating in therapies and have a more flexible schedule to take on outside responsibilities such as a job, family obligations and other activities outside of rehab. Patients may also begin to seek out services in locating transitional sober living, family support therapy and educational and career assistance support. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Women

Aftercare planning for our female patients is carefully formulated to support them throughout the rest of their recovery journey outside of a rehab environment. Aftercare plans may include encouraged participation in physical activities, joining an addiction recovery support group, services in career and educational planning and most importantly, the continuation of substance addiction treatment therapies. At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, we believe in supporting our female patients throughout each step of the rehab process to help them achieve and maintain long term sobriety.

Options for evidence-based approaches for Women’s Addiction Treatment

At our women’s drug rehab facilities, we have a unique approach to address the root causes of drug and alcohol addiction. We offer various specialized treatment options such as EMDR therapy and family therapy. We understand that the needs of our female patients differ from the needs of our male patients. Our team of experts will work with each of our patients through the necessary individual and group therapies, focusing on understanding causes of their addictions and the best tools to manage and heal from their addiction. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Women

CBT is an evidenced-proven therapeutic treatment method used to effectively help women who struggle with conditions such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety and many other co-occurring mental health disorders that are often associated with substance addiction. In CBT, patients learn how to recognize and change any negative psychological patterns related to their addiction and then change them into a more positive experience. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for Women

As a subtype of CBT, DBT helps female patients with emotional dysregulation. DBT teaches patients to acknowledge any distressing feelings and behaviors associated with their addiction, accept these events and make the appropriate and effective changes for positive future patterns. Research has found that women are at a much higher risk of developing co-occurring mental health conditions and DBT is especially helpful in providing our female patients the care and skills needed to manage and recover from their addictions. 

Family Therapy for Women

Addiction is a family disease. With our family therapy program, females and their loved ones can participate in a guided therapy session meant to treat the family as a whole unit. Family therapy sessions provide a safe environment to allow open communication between the patient and her support system of loved ones. When this type of treatment is integrated into a patient’s care plan, they often have a greater chance at maintaining long term recovery.

Group Therapy for Women(DBT)

Certified therapists and psychiatrists lead group therapy sessions at our rehab for women. In group therapy sessions, patients become more vulnerable when realizing that their like-minded peers may be experiencing similar life situations. This allows for a more supportive sense of community and eliminates the guilt and shame women often feel when in addiction recovery treatment. 

EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for Women

With eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, patients will learn to reprocess negative trauma memories and events related to their addiction. This type of specialized treatment therapy available at our drug rehab facilities is utilized to help women who suffer from PTSD or other trauma related substance addictions. Now EMDR therapy has been implanted into care plans to help with all types of co-occurring mental health conditions

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Benefits of Women only Rehab at Hotel California by the Sea Ohio

Women in substance addiction treatment face unique obstacles that require separate attention and care. Rehab programs focusing specifically on treatment for women can provide all the necessary tools and care they need to successfully achieve and maintain sobriety. 

At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio women’s rehab program, we provide the support, care and expertise necessary to help our female patients heal from their addictions. Our women’s rehab program offers treatment methods such as medication-assisted treatments, intensive individual and group cognitive therapies as well as the surrounding supportive community of like-minded females. 

Another major benefit of providing gender exclusive substance abuse treatment at our facilities includes treating women who have experienced trauma at the hands of males. Statistics show women are more likely to experience sexual and relationship trauma on account of men. Because of this, being in a treatment program surrounded by men can be harmful and triggering for our female patients. These types of patients will thrive much more in an environment solely surrounded by other females. 

When taking into account all of these factors when creating a comprehensive treatment plan, our female patients have a greater chance at achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety. Our gender-targeted program tackles all the issues and obstacles women face throughout their addiction and recovery process. 

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At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, we make recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction possible. Our women’s rehab program focuses on the unique obstacles and needs that women face during addiction treatment. We offer various individual and group therapies such as CBT, DBT and EMDR therapy to help address and treat trauma and other co-occurring mental health conditions related to substance addiction. Call our admissions team today to learn more about our gender specific programming that will help support females as they recover from the addiction to harmful and mind altering substances. 

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