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At Hotel California by the Sea, who we treat matters as much as what we treat. By refining our treatment methods, we’ve been able to create specialized programs for different populations of clients that help them recover from substance abuse issues and stay sober.

At HCBTS, we understand that, although addiction presents similarly in different people, each person is unique and requires customized treatment depending on their stage of life, gender, and personal needs.

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Each person’s journey of healing from addiction is unique. So, their treatment should be too. HCBTS serves mature men and women suffering from addiction. Explore our gender-specific treatment programs for drug and alcohol abuse below.

Separating Addiction Treatment For Men and Women

Addiction is a common brain disorder that involves the repetitive abuse of drugs or alcohol despite efforts to stop or cut down on using these substances. It’s normal for those who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse issues to feel powerless, ashamed, and at a loss for what to do. HCBTS is here to help change that.

Though there are far more similarities between the various populations of people that suffer from substance use disorders than there are differences, it’s still important to point out these differences so that rehab facilities can treat their clients effectively. At HCBTS, personalized treatment means higher treatment success rates.

Hotel California by the Sea, Cincinnati, offers integrative addiction treatment to men and women struggling with substance use disorders. Read on to learn more about our specialized rehab programming and how we can help you or your loved one recover from substance abuse today.

Rehab for Women

Hotel California by the Sea, Cincinnati, provides an integrative and healing environment for women looking to recover from substance abuse issues in Ohio. Our treatment professionals give women the support necessary to confront their addiction and map out their journey towards a sustainable life of sobriety.


Women, in general, develop substance use disorders more rapidly than men. Therefore, early intervention is crucial when it comes to treating women for substance abuse issues. In addiction treatment and in life, women are more likely to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety disorders and have particular types of trauma. Other differentiating factors that women face in addiction include:

  • Women are more likely to relapse than men.
  • Women are more vulnerable to the brain’s reward response from stimulants.
  • Women typically use stimulants to help them deal with work, child care, and weight loss.
  • Drugs like MDMA are more likely to cause hallucinations in women as opposed to men.
  • Women are more likely to use heroin as a result of pressure from sexual partners than men.
  • Women may be more sensitive to pain than men, according to certain studies.
  • Benzodiazepines, like xanax and ativan, are more likely to send women to the emergency room than men.

Some of these differences are based in biology, while others may have to do with societal-attributed developments. Although not all women who enter treatment for substance use disorders align with these statistics, it is still crucial that Hotel California by the Sea pays special attention to these well-documented singularities attributed to women so that we can better serve our female clients.

“Research has shown that women often use drugs differently, respond to drugs differently, and can have unique obstacles to effective treatment as simple as not being able to find child care or being prescribed treatment that has not been adequately tested on women.” – National Institute on Drug Abuse, Sex and Gender Differences in Substance Use

Hotel California by the Sea offers women struggling with addiction separate housing and support groups, specialized trauma treatment, co-occurring mental health condition treatment, career and educational resources, and more.

With HCBTS, women can become strong and healthy individuals who have not only beat the disease of addiction, but gained an immense amount of wisdom about themselves and their future goals.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Men

The mature men’s treatment program at Hotel California by the Sea is designed to address the unique needs of men suffering from addiction and other co-occurring mental health conditions. HCBTS, Cincinnati, provides the perfect environment for men to become honest with themselves and address their substance abuse issues in a safe and supportive community of like-minded men.


Mature men tend to have some unique needs and experiences that separate them from women. Again, some of these differences between substance abuse in men and women may be due to biological makeup, where others may be caused by sociocultural factors.

Men tend to have higher rates of alcohol use, may smoke more nicotine than women, and tend to suffer from more intense withdrawal symptoms than women. Men are also sometimes more afraid to seek help due to certain societal expectations, such as a demand for men to “be strong” and refrain from asking for help.

HCBTS knows the certain societal expectations placed on men, and we’ve designed male-specific programs, group exercises, and more, to help men heal from addiction and become strong and healthy individuals.

Our Treatment Facilities

Hotel California by the Sea offers multiple levels of outpatient treatment (including partial hospitalization treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and other outpatient programs), as well as inpatient treatment, such as detox and residential care, for addiction and other co-occurring disorders.

At Hotel California by the Sea’s drug and alcohol rehab center in Cincinnati, Ohio, our goal for you is to achieve long term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction through the support of a flourishing community focused on support, growth, and joy. From the beginning of your stay, we’re here to help you recover from substance abuse and achieve a life full of freedom from external substances.

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