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Ohio Substance Abuse Treatment For Men, Women & Young Adults

Addiction is a brain disorder that occurs when individuals constantly abuse drugs or alcohol despite efforts to stop or cut down on using these substances. Oftentimes those who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse, feel overwhelmed, ashamed and at a loss for what to do. Addiction also affects men and women differently. When seeking out treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, men and women tend to have different reasons for treatment as well as differing needs when it comes to support in treatment. By allowing men and women to have separate treatment programs solely focused on their needs, the greater the chances of recovery are for both genders. 


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Our drug and alcohol rehab center at Hotel California by the Sea Ohio offers addiction treatment programs for everyone. Our specialized gender focused treatment rehab for men and rehab for women create a well-rounded recovery program for all of our clients. We believe personalized treatment leads to a greater success rate in sobriety and long-term recovery. With options for integrative addiction treatment methods, anyone struggling with a substance addiction can achieve a healthier and happier life in sobriety. 

Who do we Treat?

In addiction treatment, each person is unique and requires customized treatment depending on their stage of life, gender and personal needs. At our drug rehab center, by refining our treatment methods, we’ve been able to develop specialized programs for different populations of clients to help them successfully recover from his or her substance addiction and stay sober. 

Our men’s treatment program focuses on helping men deal with the social pressures of balancing their personal and professional life. Because of various social stigmas surrounding men, they are sometimes afraid to seek out help due to social expectations. This results in the development of a more serious addiction if left untreated over time. 

In our women focused drug rehab center, treatment targets trauma related and co-occurring mental health conditions. Women are statistically shown to face more trauma related substance addictions. In turn, many women have turned to using drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication to manage their distressing emotions. 

Young adults have their own set of unique needs when it comes to substance addiction support. Social acceptance to fit in is a big factor that leads many young people to drink and use drugs. By addressing these issues, patients will learn effective strategies and coping mechanisms when faced with problematic emotions and behaviors. 

Because everyone’s journey to sobriety is unique, his or her treatment should be too. Our gender-targeted programs help men, women and young adults suffering from addiction successfully recover and live a fulfilling life in recovery.

Rehab for Men

At our men’s drug rehab center, our treatment methods are designed to address their specific needs related to addiction and other co-occurring mental health conditions. Our Blue Ash Cincinnati, Ohio location provides the perfect environment for men to be honest with themselves and address their substance abuse issues within a safe and supportive community of like-minded peers. 

Men tend to have higher rates of alcohol usage compared to women and also tend to suffer from more intense withdrawal symptoms. Oftentimes men face huge social pressures and expectations relating to what a stereotypical man should be. Because of this stigma, it can be difficult for men to ask and seek help for their addictions. We have designed a male-specific program that features group therapy, group activities and various other services to help men heal from their drug and alcohol addiction and become productive in their sober lives. 

Rehab for Women

Women with substance abuse issues face different obstacles and have different needs compared to men. Our women-focused treatment program provides a comprehensive approach to healing in an environment that is safe and structured. We offer the necessary support, resources and services needed for women to confront their addiction and create an effective plan towards recovery. 

Research has found that women tend to develop substance abuse issues at a younger age than men; therefore, early intervention is key to a successful recovery. Women are more likely to suffer from trauma related and co-occurring mental health substance abuse issues. Because of this women are also more likely to develop substance addiction as a form of self-medication to help manage the pain and distressing emotions often associated with mental health conditions. 

Our residential inpatient programs offer targeted therapeutic treatments such as CBT, DBT and EMDR therapy, used to help women identify and treat these underlying mental health conditions. 

Rehab for Young Adults

For our young adult patients, we designed a specialized program aimed at encouraging positive life changes for future personal and professional growth. We offer treatments such as medically managed medications and effective psychotherapies to help young people process their grief, loss, traumatic experiences as well as relationship and family issues. 

Young adult patient’s lives are often put on hold once they enter into rehab and addiction treatment. Once they have taken the necessary steps towards a path for long-term recovery, they are often eager to integrate back into life outside of rehab. Our drug and alcohol rehab center in Ohio offers specialized services such as career and educational resources, to assist our patients in achieving their educational and career goals. 

Familial relationships also become strained during addiction. With the help of our family support services, young people are able to reconnect with their loved ones, offer open lines of communications and set healthy boundaries for one another. Having a strong support system results in a higher rate of recovery for our young adult patients.

Specialized Treatment Programs at Hotel California by the Sea

At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, we have dedicated treatment programs tailored specifically for male patients, female patients and young adult patients. Our inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs target each client based on his or her unique life experiences and challenges they face. 

In our specially designed men’s rehab program, issues surrounding stressors with career, finances and family obligations are addressed as possible underlying issues of addiction. With the help of our certified rehab specialists, male patients can address these social pressures, create a comprehensive treatment plan, and successfully recover from their addictions. 

Women also face unique obstacles that require extra attention and care when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. Our facilities are equipped with the necessary resources, services and supportive personnel to help our patients recover. 

The goal of our programs is to help you achieve long term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Through our detox services, inpatient residential program, outpatient programming and various therapeutic treatment methods and techniques, recovering from an addiction is possible. We offer a flourishing community focused on support, growth and success. 

Our Cincinnati a, Ohio facilities are conveniently located where clients from across the country have easy access to treatment. Located within a nature-inspiring environment, patients will have easy access to local addiction recovery support groups, opportunities for physical wellness and access to an attentive team of medical physicians, psychiatrists, therapists and rehab clinicians. 

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Does gender-specific programming in Substance Addiction Treatment work?

In the past, substance addiction treatment programs were generally created for and based on effective treatment models for men. In today’s society, drug and alcohol abuse affects both men and women without discrimination. There are a few biological and psychological differences between men and women that should be taken into consideration when creating an effective treatment plan. We believe gender specific programs have a higher rate of success in treating substance addiction in men and women. 

When men and women are in separate peer-group communities, they are more likely to open up to treatment without the pressure put on them by society. They are able to fully focus on healing when they are surrounded and supported by their gender peers without fear of meeting social and cultural expectations they often face outside of rehab. 

Research has shown that men and women respond better to addiction treatment when specialized care and consideration is taken into account based on their unique needs. Gender targeted substance addiction treatment programs for men and women yield higher success rates of long-term recovery. 

What are the differences in Addiction between Men, Women and Young Adults?

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affect both men and women. However, it does not affect them equally. The differences in addiction between men and women are what makes gender-specific programming so effective in treating addiction and any co-occurring mental health conditions within each patient. Factors such as biological make up, psychological pressures as well as societal and cultural differences, play a significant role when it comes to treatment for substance addiction in men and women. 

Some general gender facts related to addiction include:

  • Women are more likely than men to relapse
  • Women are more likely to use stimulants to help them cope with work, child care and weight loss
  • Women are more likely to use drugs such as heroin as a result of pressure from sexual partners compared to men
  • Men are more likely to use drugs and alcohol to increase positive emotions
  • Men are more likely to binge drink
  • Men generally experience more intense withdrawal symptoms 

Biologically men tend to be bigger than women, and are therefore able to consume larger amounts of drugs and alcohol without it affecting them as much as women. Because of this, it takes longer for men to develop an addiction compared to women. Women can become addicted faster with smaller amounts.

Men tend to face greater social and peer pressure when it comes to drinking and using substances. In many cultures, drinking alcohol is considered a “rite of passage” into adulthood or manhood. Participating in this event is expected. This leads to higher rates of binge drinking in an effort to gain status in either a social group or society in general.

For women, studies have shown much of their substance related issues can come from trauma. Trauma caused by childhood experiences is often carried out into adulthood and develops into other co-occurring mental health disorders. To better cope with the distressing emotions, women turn to substance to help dull or numb the pain. This is called self-medication. This cycle of trauma and substance use eventually leads to addiction. 

Gender specific programming is especially important when treating female patients. Studies show women are less likely to seek addiction treatment because of the negative stigma associated with their addiction. They tend to downplay their addiction, and at times, women fail to recognize their own problems.

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