Prescription Amphetamine & Adderall Addiction Treatment

Amphetamines are a category of stimulant drugs that increase the flow of activity that travels between the brain and body. This type of medication is normally prescribed by medical physicians to treat co-occurring mental health disorders. The most common are attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and at times, narcolepsy. Types of amphetamines include Adderall, Vyvanse, and Ritalin are popular amphetamines that if not carefully taken, can become highly addictive.

Most amphetamine addictions start with prescription drugs written by a medical professional for a co-occurring mental health disorder. These psychiatric disorders often affect a person’s ability to focus and concentrate. Amphetamines can be extremely effective for those who are struggling with ADD and ADHD and take their medication exactly as prescribed.


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The drug’s effects of creating a cheerful, more active and concentrated state of mind can lead to strong dependency.

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Signs you may need Amphetamine Addiction Treatment: 

  • Feeling anxious or restless 
  • Feeling especially talkative 
  • Obsessive and paranoid thinking 
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss 
  •  Lower back or side (flank) pain 
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping 
  • Impulsive behavior  
  • Using significant time, energy, and brainpower to ensure you won’t run out 
  • Feeling depressed and sapped of energy when decreasing or stopping use 
  • Ingesting pills in non-prescribed ways (like snorting) 
  • Obtaining pills outside of a doctor or prescription (from friends, drug dealers, online, etc.) 
  • Taking a higher quantity or more often than prescribed 
  • Lying to doctors about your symptoms to increase your prescription dose or frequency 
  • Lying about your use or hiding it from people who care about you 
  • Getting prescriptions from multiple doctors simultaneously (doctor shopping) 
  • Overdose 

Behavioral side effects of an Amphetamine Addiction

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Amphetamine abuse can be a challenging disorder to treat. Unlike heroin, meth and other synthetic street drugs, amphetamine addiction can hide behind a legitimate physician’s prescription. This type of addiction isn’t stigmatized in the same way illicit substance abuse is. This makes it more difficult for family, friends and loved ones to pinpoint and understand the addiction.

Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and paranoia are very common for those who are experiencing an amphetamine addiction. Social obligations and activities begin to diminish due to the fact that the individual would rather spend time using substances. Ultimately, this can cause disruption in important professional and personal relationships. 

Physical symptoms that occur with Amphetamine Abuse

Amphetamines are central nervous system stimulants. They target the brain’s dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters. This part of the brain leads to feelings of increased happiness, satisfaction and a heightened fight or flight response. Amphetamine use can cause physical issues such as sexual problems, extreme weight loss, and trembling in parts of the body.

When an individual has developed a dependence on the drug, intense withdrawal symptoms can occur. They can range from dry mouth, elevated pulse, increased blood pressure, sweating, shaking and headaches. In extreme cases that can lead to overdose, physical symptoms such as liver failure, stroke and heart attack can occur. Prescription amphetamine abusers often turn to illicit stimulants like meth and cocaine as their tolerance to the drug increases.

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Adderall Addiction Treatment in California

At Hotel California by the Sea, our California location offers a variety of treatments for amphetamines including Adderall addiction treatment. The Adderall addiction treatment program is one of the premier substance use disorder treatment programs in the nation.  The evidence-based treatment methods including detox and therapies allow patients the option to create an individualized care plan.

In Adderall addiction treatment programs, specialized therapies are highly effective in addressing the emotional root causes of a client’s addiction. These cognitive therapies include CBT, group therapy and EMDR therapy. People who are addicted to Adderall will benefit greatly from a specialized treatment program. The Adderall addiction rehab helps clients focus on treating both their emotional and physical health throughout the recovery journey.

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment in Washington

Amphetamines such as Adderall and Ritalin are highly addictive substances that can start out legally with a doctor’s prescription. At Hotel California by the Sea in Washington, clients seeking out amphetamine addiction treatment have a multitude of options for recovery. 

Amphetamine addiction treatment consists of medical detox, 24/7 residential services, PHP and IOP programs. We also offer unique specialized social services meant to prepare clients for life outside of our rehab center.

Our gender-based programs  treat men, women and young adults through individualized care plans. These unique plans are meant to target specific issues for each client. This ensures every aspect of the client’s addiction is taken into consideration when creating a comprehensive treatment plan for sobriety.

Treatment for Ritalin in Ohio

At Hotel California by the Sea, options for treatment for Ritalin addiction in Ohio include a number of treatment methods. The wide range of options includes medication-assisted treatments, residential programming and outpatient programs. Within our outpatient programs, we also offer access to specialized services. These social services include marriage and family therapy, career and educational assistance services and unique substance use disorder therapies like EMDR therapy

Ritalin abuse has continued to rise, making addiction to Ritalin even more alarming and dangerous.

Treatment for Ritalin addiction in Ohio consists of a well-rounded treatment plan that encompasses every aspect of a client’s addiction. Medical physicians, psychiatrists, case managers and other rehab clinicians guide clients through every step of the rigorous recovery process.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with prescription amphetamine addiction, reach out to our experienced admissions team today. Learn more about our Adderall addiction treatment program as well as our general amphetamine addiction treatment options.

Our treatment centers at Hotel California by the Sea offer a wide range of recovery options. These options include detox, inpatient residential, and outpatient programs. Our rehab program specializes in therapies proven to treat substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions.

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