Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Program for Men

Hotel California by the Sea’s rehab for men’s Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab specializes in treating men with chemical dependencies and co-occurring mental health problems. At our Newport Beach, California addiction treatment center, our team of caring specialists help clients face their alcohol and drug abuse issues in a setting designed to foster long lasting sobriety. At HCBTS’ men’s rehab center, we use various scientifically-backed treatments to help men recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Our rehab for men’s program includes several intensive therapies and program levels that help men discover the root of their addictions and move forward. We make it our mission to help men recover and regain control of their minds, habits, and entire lives. Our substance abuse program for men helps clients of every age build the essential life skills, healthy habits, and overall confidence to face life as proud, sober men.

Overview of Our Men’s Drug Rehab

Addiction doesn’t discriminate, but men and women have unique needs when it comes to treating their addiction to drugs and alcohol. With over 25 years of experience in treating substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental illnesses, Hotel California by the Sea understands the true nature of addiction in men – and how to help them beat it.

Depending on his stage in life and personal experiences, one man might have different treatment needs than another. Hotel California by the Sea employs a renowned staff of addiction experts who determine what therapies are right for our male clients, and create a unique treatment plan to match these needs. HCBTS’s rehab for men program targets two age groups: mature men over 30 and young adult men.

Young Adult Men’s Track

Being a young adult male with a substance use disorder carries its own difficulties as well. Young adult men recovering from addiction often need more help with identifying their long-term goals, sorting through relationship and intimacy issues, and even facing traumatic experiences. A younger man with a drug or alcohol use disorder may have different goals than an addicted man in his thirties. For example, some of our young male clients find that they would like to go to school or college.

Our young men’s treatment program helps our clients:

  • Manage their time effectively
  • Calm their anxiety
  • Work through trauma
  • Improve self esteem and confidence
  • Cope with extreme feelings of rage or anger
  • Cope with grief and loss
  • Identify unhealthy family dynamics
  • Control impulsivity

Mature Men’s Track

Hotel California by the Sea’s Mature Men track is targeted towards males aged 30 years old and over. Male clients above the age of 30 tend to already have jobs, families, or children, and might need more overall flexibility in treatment for tending to these unique matters. Facing an addiction or chemical dependency later on in adulthood is a difficult decision. Our Mature Men’s track focuses on eliminating guilt, shame or any other negative emotions that typically come with suffering from the disease of addiction. In the process of healing from substance abuse, our clients gain valuable insight on themselves and their condition and eventually regain control of their entire lives.

Executive Track

Sometimes our mature men experience executive burnout, a condition that frequently contributes to substance use disorders. Our executive track targets powerful and high-achieving professionals who previously relied on drugs or alcohol to cope with their stress. High powered executives can’t always put their life on hold to continue treatment, however. To accommodate this need, HCBTS allows these men to tend to business matters during a few designated hours per day.

Rehab for Men Housing Features and Location

Hotel California by the Sea’s all-male addiction treatment program paves the way for men to reclaim their lives and adopt a new, sober lifestyle. Our rehab for men program is set in Southern California, a metropolis of sunshine with a booming sober community. With thousands of 12 step meetings every day, Southern California is the ideal place for men in the United States to get – and stay – sober.

Some features of our men’s homes include:

  • (At least) two 1-on-1 therapy sessions per week
  • Weekly case management session
  • EMDR for men suffering from PTSD
  • Pass to a local gym
  • Catered meals in every house
  • Other special group outings
  • Transportation to and from 12 step meetings
  • Ocean views
  • Private and semi-private suites
  • Patio area with smoking sections
  • BBQ grills
  • Private chef
  • On-site laundry facility
  • Wifi and televisions available at designated leisure times
  • Walking distance to beach, parks, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.
  • Walking or biking distance from the ocean

Barriers to Men Seeking Addiction Treatment

Sometimes it’s difficult for a man to seek recovery from his addiction. Men are socialized to only show strength and self-sufficiency, sometimes making it difficult to ask for help out of a fear of seeming “weak”. However, we’re here to tell you that seeking treatment for a substance use disorder is an act of courage. It is only with the help of understanding peers and our experienced clinical staff that men are able to overcome such stigmas and accept the help they need (and deserve) to recover.

Addiction in Men

  • Binge and heavy drinking are more widespread among men than women
  • Men typically begin using substances earlier than women
  • Men take drugs and engage in risky behaviors to be part of the group more than women do
  • Men exhibit greater symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol than women
  • Compared with women, men who use heroin are more likely to use larger amounts and for a longer period of time
  • 5 million men abused prescription painkillers last year
  • Men experience higher rates of comorbid antisocial personality disorders

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Rehab for Men Levels of Care

Inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment at a reputable drug and alcohol rehab for men facility can increase the chances of a man staying sober. When a client first arrives at Hotel California by the Sea’s rehab for men program, he partakes in an initial medical and psychological assessment by our trained addiction specialists. From the beginning until the end of someone’s stay with us, a client is routinely monitored by their assigned therapist, case manager, and psychiatrist. HCBTS employs multiple levels of care to address each stage of a clients’ recovery process, including:

There is no specific time limit for completing any level of care. Instead, a man’s transition to his next level of treatment depends solely on his personal needs and the needs that his clinical team sees fit.

Evidence-Based Approaches for Men’s Addiction Treatment

Addiction must be tackled from many angles. A treatment method that works for one man might not be effective for another, making it vital for our clients to have access to many remedies, some of which include:

Benefits of Male-Only Treatment

Gender-specific treatment provides men the ability to focus on their recovery while developing strong and supportive relationships with other men. In such a vulnerable time of a man’s life, forming strong, healthy relationships with peers he can trust is vital for him to continue on a higher path.

In rehab for men-only treatment programs, men can privately and explicitly discuss male-specific issues, such as the struggles of masculinity or surviving traumatic experiences. Whether it is a man’s first time or fifth time attending treatment, our Seashore Residential program gives men the chance to fully address their issues in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. Men enter Hotel California by the Sea’s rehab for men’s program with guilt, shame, and loneliness- but they leave our program with faith, vital connection, and a strong foundation that prepares them for their future.

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