The road to recovery is a step-by-step process. At Hotel California by the Sea’s private detox center, we are acutely aware and greatly appreciate how difficult it is to take that first step. Under the care of our medical professionals, our effort is to make your detox and stabilization experience as comfortable as possible. This phase of your treatment is for the purpose of safely ridding your body of substances and to ensure a smooth transition into one of our addiction treatment programs. We have several programs – treating an array of clients, from the male executive in our luxury residential program to young adult men through our transitional living program.

Boasting over a decade in the field, our licensed medical staff utilize cutting edge detox methodologies and will work around the clock to ensure your safety, comfort, and stability throughout this process.

If you or a loved one are seeking detoxification from drugs or alcohol we are here to answer your call and any questions or concerns you have about the detox process and our addiction treatment programs.


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