Marriage and Family Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

Recovering from a substance use disorder involves cleaning up the wreckage caused by addiction. Sometimes this wreckage comes in the form of wounded relationships with loved ones.

Relationships are essential for humans to live a normal and healthy life. We are social creatures, designed to rely on each other for support, nourishment, and strength. When someone develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol, their dependence can sometimes deeply wound their close relationships and hurt the people they love the most.

Hotel California by the Sea offers a solution to wounded marriages and fractured family units. We provide Marriage And Family Therapy For substance use for addicts and alcoholics in Orange County, California, and other regions of the United States. Multiple family therapists are available to help heal your entire family during your stay in treatment.

Whether an addict needs to rebuild their relationship or reconcile with their family, Hotel California by the Sea provides an unparalleled opportunity to heal yourself and the people you love. Read on to learn more about marriage and family therapy and how it works at HCBTS.

What Is Marriage and Family Therapy for Substance Use?

Marriage and family therapy is a form of behavioral therapy that addresses the patient and their loved ones as a whole system. It takes immense effort to heal the broken parts of relationships affected by addiction. Luckily, Hotel California by the Sea’s therapists specialize in this powerful process of mending.

The main intent of family therapy is to strategically alter the naturally interdependent nature of families and bring about healthy, productive changes.

Depending on the duration of your stay, your specific treatment goals, and your familial situation, marriage and family therapy may fit well into your treatment plan.

Heavy alcohol and drug use can bring massive problems to a family. One way to ensure long-lasting recovery is to incorporate an addicts’ support network into their recovery from addiction. With the aid of a loving and healthy community, an addict is more likely to get sober and stay sober for longer.


Whether you or a family member is suffering from addiction, it isn’t easy to recover alone. In fact, sobriety is meant to be a community journey. Hotel California by the Sea recognizes and incorporates family therapy sessions into many clients’ treatment plans. Through a supportive group, an addict or alcoholic can find the necessary assistance to stay sober.

Substance abuse treatment and family therapy go hand-in-hand. Without adequately addressing an addict’s familial situation, a client is less likely to recover. Many researchers are also beginning to recommend treatment centers use family therapy as a helpful treatment modality.

Family Therapy

Families play multiple complex parts in addiction. The primary intent of family therapy is to strategically alter families’ naturally interdependent nature and bring about healthy, productive, and permanent changes.

Family therapy allows relatives and loved ones to sort out their differences, put healthy boundaries in place, and heal from the immense loss of trust that results from 

addiction. Marriage and family therapy isn’t only about one person (in this case, the addict), but how this person interacts with family members. Where individual therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), aims to treat an individual, family therapy addresses everyone’s needs.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage therapy is explicitly designed for addicts and alcoholics with significant others who’ve been affected by their drug or alcohol abuse. In marriage therapy, a partner and the addict may learn how to properly communicate, set healthy boundaries, learn more about sobriety, and work through past hurts. This form of treatment is helpful to married couples, unmarried couples, parents, and couples working through a divorce.

Significant others may not realize the emotional load that they carry while caring for someone with an addiction. Some partners may enable their spouse without realizing it. In marriage counseling, partners can learn helpful tools to cope with their loved one’s recovery.

If an addict’s partner has the tools to healthily cope with the addict or alcoholic’s behavior without becoming too enmeshed, they can stay present and aware enough to make sound decisions.


Why Does Marriage and Family Therapy Work?

Marriage and family therapy at Hotel California by the Sea directly help addicts and their loved ones improve their connections. Besides improving interactions between loved ones in a relationship and mending past hurts, marriage and family therapy can solidify a loving support network for an addict.

Specific tools taught in marriage and family therapy can help loved ones become more effective communicators. Marriage and family therapy might help you improve your communication skills. By becoming an effective communicator, you have a better chance of getting your personal needs met and meeting the needs of your loved ones.

Open communication is a vital – and often missing – part of addiction recovery. If someone suffering from addiction can’t be candid with themselves and others, it’s more challenging for them to lead a sober lifestyle.  When a client is open and honest with their loved ones, it rebuilds trust and reinstills faith. Many alcoholics and addicts who enter our treatment programs have ill feelings regarding trust, openness, and honesty.

Addicts frequently feel controlled, embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, or angry while interacting with loved ones during the first few months of treatment. This is why it’s crucial to have a trusted therapist guiding clients and families along the way and resolving any tension.

Addiction and Domestic Violence

Addiction can make relationships erratic and complicated. In fact, there is a strong correlation between addiction and domestic violence. If both problems occur together, a professional addiction treatment team must address them simultaneously.

Many people are codependent on addicts. Many addicts are reliant on each other. Sometimes, those with substance use disorders will suffer from – or be responsible for – acts of domestic violence.

At Hotel California by the Sea, we’re always on the lookout for better research, new modalities, and improved ways to help those in need.

Addiction is a disease that influences an addict’s entire family. Marriage and family therapists help addicts and their families recover from addiction and set realistic goals and milestones for treatment. With a recovered family unit, clients are better prepared for lifelong sobriety.

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Marriage and Family Therapy at Hotel California By The Sea

Our marriage and family therapists custom-design treatment plans for clients based on individual needs and the needs of the client’s family members. While some people prefer a very integrated approach with their family members, others may have an estranged family. So clients must receive proper individualized strategies for recovery from their rehab to obtain the appropriate treatment.

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