Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hotel California by the Sea created a specialized treatment program for people suffering from mild-to-severe alcohol abuse and other co-occurring mental health issues. 

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is a drug. Although alcohol is legal to purchase and consume (and is highly socially acceptable) over the age of 21 in the United States, it can still cause significant physical and psychological damage to many people. 

Being a drug, alcohol is highly addictive and extremely difficult to stop using, even when we want to quit. 

This is why an alcohol use disorder is considered substance abuse. Being an alcoholic means that you cannot stop drinking, even though you are experiencing negative effects that you do not want anymore. 

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The American Psychological Association explains that an alcohol use disorder is considered a mental health disorder.  “Addiction is a chronic disorder with biological, psychological, social and environmental factors influencing its development and maintenance. Heightened desire to re-experience use of the substance or behavior, potentially influenced by psychological (e.g., stress, history of trauma), social (e.g., family or friends’ use of a substance), and environmental factors (e.g., accessibility of a substance, low cost) can lead to regular use/exposure, with chronic use/exposure leading to brain changes.” 

But do you have an alcohol use disorder?  And if so, how can you just stop drinking?  You’re much different from other people you know, so how can someone help you?  How would you even go about starting such a scary process?   

Our treatment facility at Hotel California by the Sea in Cincinnati, Ohio, has the answers for you to these questions and many, many more.  We are here to help people find the answers that they need.  So let’s start with that first question.   

Do I Have An Alcohol Use Disorder?

The National Institutes of Health have a list of symptoms to help you determine if you have an alcohol use disorder. Ask yourself these questions, thinking about the past year. 

  • Have you ever ended up drinking more or longer than you meant to?  
  • Have you gotten into situations or exhibited risky behaviors that could have or did get you hurt, like driving while drinking, using dangerous machinery while under the influence, hanging out in a dangerous area, or having unsafe sex?   
  • Did you have to drink much more than you used to in order to get the same effect that you desire?   
  • Have you found that the same amount of drinks you usually drink don’t have as much of an effect as they used to?  
  • Have you continued drinking, even if you started feeling depressed or anxious? 
  • Have you been arrested or had other legal problems due to your drinking? 
  • Have you stopped caring about activities that used to be important, pleasurable, or interesting to you, in lieu of being able to drink more, or more often?   
  • Have you ever lost track of time–meaning, had a memory blackout? 
  • Have you spent a lot of time drinking? 
  • Do you continue to drink, even though it is causing relationship troubles between you and your family, friends, or loved ones? 
  • Has drinking or being hungover from drinking interfered with you taking care of yourself, your home, or your family? 
  • Has drinking caused trouble for you in work or in school? 
  • Have you wanted to cut down or stop drinking, yet you couldn’t? 
  • Have you had withdrawal symptoms when you’re not drinking, like feeling shaky, being restless, nausea, trouble sleeping, sweating, a racing heart, or a seizure?  Have you ever felt the sense that something was there, but really it was not? 

As everyone keeps saying, we are experiencing unusual, uncertain, and challenging times.  It is no surprise that many of us would turn to drugs or alcohol.  Put these crazy times together with an answer of even four “yeses” to the questions above, and it may be obvious that you need to call Hotel California by the Sea in Cincinnati at 513.268.1073.  Or, chat live with one of our amazing, compassionate, and knowledgeable experts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We are here for you.  

What Can Hotel California By The Sea Alcohol Rehab Offer Me?

Hotel California by the Sea-Cincinnati is a treatment center located in America’s Midwest.  Our cutting-edge facility is overshadowed only by our exceptional and caring clinical staff, who are ready to work with you. 

Located In Cincinnati 

Cincinnati, which we locals call Cincy, is a city that has much to offer.  If you are a foodie, love sightseeing, outdoor activities, museums, are a millennial, or if you are looking to start a business, seek employment, or maybe attend college, Cincinnati has what you want and what you need. 

HCBTS, Cincinnati reflects in the same way.  Ours is a rehab center that compares to no other rehab centers.  We offer drug and alcohol treatment to men, women, and young adults.   

Flexible Options 

Whether your priorities include flexibility for pre-existing responsibilities or something a little more affordable, HCBTS has the perfect program for you. We help clients choose the right treatment plan for them based on their financial and personal needs. The levels of care we offer at HCBTS, Cincinnati, include: 

  • Inpatient detox. 
  • Residential treatment.  
  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP). 
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP). 
  • Outpatient Treatment (OP). 

Learn more about what makes us different at Hotel California by the Sea.   

Exceptional And Caring Staff 

Hotel California by the Sea, Cincinnati is staffed with board-certified clinical professionals prepared to work with you on creating your perfect recovery program.

Individualized Self-Chosen Options 

With your clinical treatment team, you will decide on the modalities necessary, such as beginning with detoxification / withdrawal management, then choosing either a residential treatment / inpatient approach or an outpatient treatment plan. 

Unparalleled Treatment Options 

Some of our therapies include cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) psychotherapy treatment, medication assisted treatment, as well as group therapy, individual therapy, mindfulness meditation, and relapse prevention, which is just suggesting a few of the therapy options we have to offer to you. 

Dual-Diagnosis Therapy  

Alcohol use disorder is a mental health issue.  Often accompanying alcohol use disorder is another underlying mental health issue.  We call this a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. 

HCBTS, Cincinnati understands the importance of dealing with co-occurring disorders, and we offer individualized programs that will help you tackle not only your alcohol use disorder, but also other underlying diagnosed mental health issues. 

Unmatched Distinctive Supplemental Programs   

HCBTS in Cincinnati offers supplemental programs that other rehab centers do not.  We have a Career Resource Program to help clients with getting a job, keeping a job, or deciding on a new career and maybe even college.  We also help clients with any legal issues through our Court Services Program.  Hotel California by the Sea, Cincinnati also realizes the importance of family and loved ones in client recovery success, and so we also have available to our inpatient and outpatient residents access to our Family Program. 

We Accept Most Insurances    

We can help you make your alcohol addiction recovery happen now – just call one of our professionals today at 513.268.1073. Hotel California by the Sea in Cincinnati accepts most insurances, has affordable plans with sliding fee scales, and is most interested in finding a way to make addiction treatment work for you. 

Seek Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder 

American author Louis Boone writes, “The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions:  could have, might have, and should have.” 

You know you were not destined to be living those words any longer – could haveshould have, or might have. Your parents didn’t want that for you either. Your family, your loved ones, and your friends don’t want that for you. You have so much more to do, so much more to attain, so much more to give, and so much more to achieve. 

It is your time to get help and your turn to heal. Come to Hotel California by the Sea in the beautiful midwestern town of Cincinnati, Ohio and experience some one of the most intensive and comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment programs in the country. 

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