Hotel California By The Sea Newport Beach
Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Based steps from the sand in Orange County California, Hotel California By The Sea offers a variety of exceptional age & gender specific programs for men & women, each specifically tailored to treat addiction and co-occurring psychological disorders. The accommodations are luxurious, and our clinical care is second to none.

We offer:

Treatment is truly individualized. Case managers discuss programming options daily with each client, then collaborate with the Treatment Team to develop the following day’s personalize schedule. Clients are allowed the dignity to pursue healthy personal interests, and are encouraged to set personal goals; our staff will assist and support clients towards the achievement of their goals. Clients are allowed Internet access & the monitored use of their laptops & phones after the detoxification process. Hotel California has an excellent family program and welcomes their participation in the recovery process.

Hotel California By The Sea was founded by Barbra and Carl Mosen with business partner Kevin Mello as a drug and alcohol treatment center. We offer specialized programs for adult men, adult women and young adult alcoholics and addicts.

Our luxurious accommodations, located just steps from the sand in Southern California’s Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, provide the ideal setting for drug and alcohol detoxification, residential treatment, and Intensive Outpatient programs. What makes Hotel California stand out is our approach, our individualized assessment and our daily rehabilitation treatment planning.

We use evidence-based and proven treatment methods in conjunction with outdoor experiential therapies. Our gender-specific treatment programs are expanding and have separate residences and dedicated support staff. Programs are divided by age range as well as gender, allowing Hotel California to provide targeted, specific care for the issues that affect adults suffering from alcoholism and addiction as well as young men and women.

California Addictions Treatment Rehab for Men

Adult Men | Addiction Treatment in Southern California

Our first program opened to the public for the addictions treatment of adult males and mature men. Although this program is open to all men, we screen carefully to ensure that the men in the program have mutual shared life experiences. Ideal candidates are over 30 and up to 65 years of age, ambulatory and willing to participate in all levels of care. Alcoholism and addiction in this population can be life-altering not only to the individual but to the family systems that these men are a part of. Many of the men who seek treatment in this program are professionals and executives that are prominent community members who are ready to change their lives.

California Addictions Treatment Rehab for Adult Women

Adult Women | Addiction Treatment in Southern California

Adult women have a unique bond. Women working with women, without men being involved in the process, allows for an intimacy that is required to face the true consequences that alcoholism and addiction have caused in woman’s life. The ideal candidate for our Women’s program is the woman who is beyond her days of “sowing her own oats”, and has a full-time career as a housewife, as mother, community leader, or is a business professional (i.e., an executive seeking an addiction rehab). We understand the demands and pressures in women’s roles, in their lifestyles, in their professions and within their families. It is difficult for anyone to ask for help in treating alcohol or substance abuse, however, in our society there is still an recurring stigma attached to women who reach out for help. Our clinical staff specializes in helping these women achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Young Adults Getting Sober in California -- Let's Get Sober!

Young Adults | Addiction Treatment in California, Rehab for Younger Adults

Treating young adults in gender-specific homes is imperative. Young men and women have a tendency to congregate together and egos can block the true nature of the person hurting inside. Our young men learn to not only process the reasons they became addicted to substances, but in addition can develop healthy coping skills and experience living sober in an active way in our recovery communities. We mentor, teach, and coach our clients in setting goals, then initiating action to accomplish them. Whether it be school, work, or a life passion, the integration back to a life of self sufficiency starts here.

Young women get to look at how they got to this place in their lives, discover what is important to them, and think deeply about how they are going to continue in their formative years. Both men and women who have substance abuse problems usually are driven into treatment by not only hitting a bottom but their family hitting the bottom with their behavior. Issues with schools, careers, and problems with the law are all issues we tackle in our individualized treatment plans. We help our young people establish long term goals to sustaining long term sobriety and a successful life.

Just Steps To The Sea & Sand

Located in Newport Beach, only a few footsteps from a semi-private beach and the picturesque Pacific Ocean, Hotel California By The Sea provides a serene, inspiring environment within to focus on achieving sobriety.

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What to Expect

How would your life look without the interference of alcohol or drugs? What does control, success, or happiness mean to you? Our treatment program seeks to treat the whole person as a social, emotional, physical being in order to counteract self-destructive emotions and negative behavior patterns.

Our treatment team will monitor your medical detoxification process, help stabilize and assess your progress towards sobriety, and then meet with you to create a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs for abundant wellness and sobriety.

Large bedroom with a hardwood floor


Our beach homes are proud to offer private and semi-private accommodations with private or shared bathroom facilities, allowing our clients to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible as they begin their journey of lifelong sobriety and health.

In general, alcohol and drug treatment programs require a 30-day minimum stay. At Hotel California, we understand that different kinds of addiction require different timetables, and that a variety of personal factors will determine individual progress. As a result, we use flexible schedules in order to accommodate every client.

Soaps and Brushes


Our luxurious facilities include all the amenities of a 5-star hotel, from flat panel televisions and high-speed wireless access to gorgeous, oceanfront views of the Pacific’s cobalt-blue waves. Our bedrooms are furnished with 1000 thread-count linens, hardwood floors, private boutique toiletries, and complimentary monogrammed cotton towels and bathrobes. You’ll be able to relax on one of our many sun-drenched outdoor patios. Yoga, massage, and acupuncture specialists are also available for our clients.

Just because you are in recovery doesn’t mean that everything in your life has stopped. We understand how to balance the need for health without our clients feeling isolated or disconnected from the important people in their lives, and so we employ an inclusive laptop and cell phone use policy.

Service Bell

Concierge Services

One of our many strengths is our dedication to service. Our staff will be happy to assist you in any way possible: advising you about where to shop at the world-renown Fashion Island or South Coast Plaza, making dining accommodations when your family comes to visit, working with your current college, helping with educational goals, or even booking rounds at one of the many golf courses in the area. Outdoor activities like sailing, surfing, or hiking are also available.

The recovery process that follows alcoholism and drug addiction requires total abstinence from all mood and mind altering chemicals. We are deeply rooted in the 12-Step program, but that said, recovery is only the beginning of a thriving, healthy, complete person. In order to treat the four elements that comprise a whole person: the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social, we offer a varied selection of evidence-based programs and therapies.

Individualized Treatment

Individualized Treatment
One size does not fit all and at Hotel California by the Sea we offer personalized & individualized treatment programs uniquely tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Beach House

Beach House
Located in prestigious Newport Beach California and just steps to the sand of a semi-private beach – we offer the country’s premiere substance abuse treatment and wellness center.

Semi-Private Rooms

Semi-Private Rooms
Our beach house offers private and semi-private accommodations. This allows our clients to feel comfortable and at ease as they start their path to recovery and the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Mobile & Laptop Friendly

Mobile and Laptop Friendly
Because we understand that it is important for our clients to not feel cut off or isolated from the outside world, we allow them to keep in contact through an inclusive mobile phone & laptop policy.

Personalized Care

Personalized Care
Effective recovery requires personalized care built on a trusted partnership with each of our clients and their families.

Flexible Length of Stay

Flexible Length of Stay
Alcohol and drug treatment programs typically require a 30-day minimum stay. While our average length of stay is more than 30 days, Hotel California by the Sea understands that different types of addiction, as well as personal life factors influence the stay of each of our clients.

Addiction Rehabilitation in California

People in our society are put under great pressure to succeed, to provide for their families, and to take all the stress they experience and internalize it. These stressors are common to everyone. Some process this stress in a self-destructive way, and this can lead to addiction. Most people afflicted with alcoholism or addiction are increasingly isolated from their loved ones. They watch the benefits of their hard work evaporate and their health decline, despairing as to how they can fix these problems all by themselves. If this sounds familiar, the treatment options at Hotel California By The Sea can help. Professional adults in high-stress jobs, executives, and business owners who are breadwinners for their families need a place to recover. We understand the particular complexities of suffering from addiction while trying to balance the day to day demands of work and home life.

At Hotel California By The Sea, we specialize in treating both adult men and women as well as young people. Here, you will find a network of peers and a highly-skilled, multidisciplinary team to support you through your initial recovery and into long-term health and sobriety.

Men and women differ in their recovery needs in terms of types of risk, relapse indicators, and underlying causes of addiction. Gender-specific addiction treatment pinpoints the factors that most greatly affect the client and has been shown to have a higher success rate for recovery from addiction.

Working with our clinicians, you and your peers will have open, honest discussions about issues that affect you: Intimacy and sex, gender roles, and dealing with anger or guilt. Becoming able to face your fears and anxieties with emotional fortitude is a key element of our program. Going through the recovery process with peers to whom you can relate helps drive the message home that you are not suffering alone, nor are you ever without support when you’re at Hotel California.

CA Beach Front Rehab for Executives and Business Professionals

At Hotel California By The Sea, we know that recovering from substance abuse and addiction is neither simple or quick, but rather an individual process. We take pride in providing the kind of comfort that will help our clients focus solely on their recovery with all their internal reserves available. The peaceful beachfront setting of Hotel California aids in this process—you are never more than a few steps away from the calming waves of the Pacific Ocean, a contemplative walk on the beach, or a rejuvenating swim. The sun and surf are known to aid in both physical healing and as well as contributing to an improved emotional outlook, especially in conjunction with our holistic approach to wellness.

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