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Wet Brain – How Prolonged Alcohol Abuse Can Damage Your Brain


While moderate drinking isn’t always considered harmful, prolonged alcohol abuse can cause damage to your body and your brain. Prolonged drinking can deplete vital nutrients, impair motor functions, and cause memory loss. Seeking treatment for alcohol dependence is an important part in preventing the long term effects of prolonged alcohol abuse. Little Known Facts About Alcoholism 1. Those with a family history of alcoholism are more likely to develop a dependence. Genetic factors can sometimes contribute to the likelihood of developing [...]

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Symptoms and Indicators of Codependent Relationships


It can be a challenge to distinguish between a person who is smitten and one who is codependent. The term codependency is commonly used to describe behavior in a relationship where one or both partners are needy or dependent on the other. There is so much more to codependency than simply clinginess. A person who is codependent on their partner will base every life decision on pleasing the other partner. Below we’ll explore the symptoms of codependency, how it develops and [...]

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Why Spirituality Is Important to Recovery


  It is a common misconception that recovery from substance abuse requires nurturing a relationship with God. While spirituality is important to recovery, it is not necessarily limited to having a relationship with a singular nonsecular entity. Practicing spirituality is often crucial for those struggling with drugs or alcohol to achieve long-term sobriety. According to a study published in ScienceDirect[1], an online resource for subscription-based access to a large database of scientific and medical research, there is significant value in religion [...]

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