How Overcoming Hurdles Are Essential to Healing

A young woman is speaking with a medical professional about overcoming hurdles in her addiction that are essential to healing.

Making the decision to go to rehab is a life changing decision. There are both physical and emotional aspects of addiction. Professional rehabilitation can help people dealing with substance abuse overcome the hurdles and obstacles that come with it. Overcoming these hurdles is an essential part of healing and recovery. Here are some of the obstacles that accompany substance abuse and the ways that rehabilitation can help overcome them:

Prolonged Denial

Trying to become sober on your own can increase denial about your struggle with addiction. Denial can minimize the issue of substance abuse and sometimes cause it to grow. Being able to admit to your issues can open doors for finding help.

Codependency and Enablement

Issues with co-dependency affect both men and women. Relationship partners can sometimes enable the behaviors that lead to addiction. Learning to depend on a loved one who enables addiction can prevent you from getting help. In order to address the hurdle of codependency, it is important to identify the people in your life who want to help you. Transitioning your dependency into rehabilitation can help ease the burden of your addiction and allow the people you rely on to heal as well.


Substance abuse can often go hand in hand with underlying physical or mental health conditions. If these conditions are not properly diagnosed and treated, it is much harder to address the issue of substance abuse and become sober.

Often times, those suffering from things like clinical depression may try to self medicate with alcohol or other harmful substances. Professional counseling and proper diagnosis is important in order to receive proper treatment.


Suffering with a substance abuse issue can oftentimes carry a stigma. These stigmas can cause embarrassment. The fear of what family, friends, and co-workers might think of you can often become a hard hurdle to overcome. However, understanding that family and friends are there for support is an important part of the healing process. Rehabilitation can be the first step in receiving non-judgmental care.

No one needs to deal with recovery hurdles alone. Entering rehab can help you anticipate and deal with these hurdles so that you can overcome them and live a healthy life outside of treatment.