Tips to Enjoy a Party Without Substances

A man celebrating and enjoying a party with substances such as alcohol.

Recovering from a substance abuse problem is a lifelong journey. Recovery is a long process and those committed the pursuit of recovery encounter day-to-day obstacles. Returning to society after rehab can introduce many temptations that can make recovery more difficult. Normal social encounters present temptations that may compromise sobriety. Attending parties where alcohol is present can sometimes be hard to navigate.

Here are a few tips that those in recovery can use to have fun at parties while staying sober:

1. Find Supporters

Support groups are a way to find accountability and comfort in like-minded individuals. At parties where substances are being served, those in recovery may feel isolated and pressured to take part. Finding sober friends at a party can reduce these feelings of isolation. Partying with like-minded sober people can introduce a new way of looking at things while decreasing the temptation to participate in harmful substances.

2. Be Honest

Peer pressure can be an obstacle at parties. Honesty is a great tool for setting expectations before temptation arrives. Sometimes, a simple ‘no thank you’ isn’t enough to ward off the pressure to partake. If others don’t understand that you are working on recovery, they will not know what you are dealing with. If you are comfortable with it, being honest about your recovery can help shut down the pushback that you may receive from guests offering you substances.

3. Choose the Right Type of Party

Sometimes, parties use substances for entertainment. Some people associate the word ‘party’ with taking part in substances. When you’re in recovery, being more deliberate about which parties you attend can be helpful. While this may change the number of parties you are able to attend, being selective and deliberate about which parties you go to can change the way you think about having fun.

4. Stay With Close Friends

One of your best defenses against peer pressure is the support of close friends. Showing up to a party alone can feel isolating. Your road to recovery is much easier when you know that you have friends around you that have your best interests at heart. When you have good friends around, you can feel more confident in your convictions and will be able to have a good time without worrying about the peer pressure to compromise your sobriety.

5. Sip on a Non Alcoholic Drink

Non alcoholic beverages are the perfect way to avoid people asking if you would like a drink. Most bars have club soda, juice, or even water that can be easily spruced up to imitate a cocktail. Mocktails are a cheaper, tasty, and low calorie alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Remaining sober after recovery is constant work. It can be especially difficult when you are trying to reintegrate into everyday life. Having these tips in your back pocket is a great way to remain sober and still have fun.