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Alcohol Harms Your Immune System – Here’s How


Alcohol. It’s that cool, bubbly champagne sitting crisply in your palm at brunch, seeming to leave everyone a bit giggly. Or, maybe it’s the fine spirit of sophistication you’re sipping by the fireplace, shooting you into a time of wines older than your parents. Unfortunately, to many people, alcohol isn’t a breath of fresh air. Instead, even for moderate drinkers, alcohol is slow physical destruction. Forget about brunch with your friends and those splotchy nights out slamming shots at the [...]

Alcohol Harms Your Immune System – Here’s How2020-06-06T15:35:32-07:00

3 Ways A Relapse On Opioids Can Make COVID-19 More Dangerous


In 2020, we're witnessing a deadly clash of epidemics - and we might not even realize it. One of these global health crises is the novel coronavirus; the other is the unforgiving opioid pandemic. Unfortunately, neither wide-sweeping ailment seems to have a definite end in sight. As it turns out, alcohol and drug abuse can put drug addicts at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 - or experiencing more severe consequences. Someone who relapses on opioids during the novel coronavirus [...]

3 Ways A Relapse On Opioids Can Make COVID-19 More Dangerous2020-06-06T15:35:44-07:00

Addiction, Grief, And Loss: What’s The Connection?


Loss is traumatic. Unfortunately, at some point in every person’s life, they will experience some type of loss. From the sudden death of a family member to the cessation of a meaningful relationship with a loved one, losing someone significant can disorient and strip anyone from previous ties with logic. Loss can even increase the risk of someone developing addictive behaviors and unhealthy habits. For this reason, the heartache brought on by losing a loved one is strongly correlated with [...]

Addiction, Grief, And Loss: What’s The Connection?2020-06-06T15:37:19-07:00

5 Things To Look For In Addiction Treatment During COVID-19


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the United States has seen a rise in mental health concerns since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Sure, it’s only been a couple of months since society adopted self-quarantine and social distancing measures. Still, these months have undoubtedly been dense with fear, financial insecurity, and isolation. For those recovering from substance abuse and mental health disorders, the novel coronavirus outbreak is a challenging storm to withstand. That’s why, if someone relapses on drugs and alcohol during the [...]

5 Things To Look For In Addiction Treatment During COVID-192020-06-06T15:38:31-07:00

Relapse On Alcohol During COVID-19? Try Inpatient Treatment


In the last week of March, alcohol sales increased by a whopping 55% in the US after the president spoke further on the impending severity of the novel coronavirus. That’s a pretty massive leap. Of course, the liquor industry is reaping these benefits. Even some restaurants are taking advantage of the surge in alcohol sales by offering their customers the option to add alcohol onto their take-out order. Indeed, it’s been easier for most people to purchase liquor than toilet [...]

Relapse On Alcohol During COVID-19? Try Inpatient Treatment2020-06-06T15:39:07-07:00

Relapse On Drugs During COVID-19? Here’s What To Do


Many recovering addicts are on the brink of relapse, while others are actively using again. If you’ve relapsed on drugs, you aren’t alone. “Two great epidemics of our generation are intersecting in ways that are additively deadly.” Those are the words of a Massachusetts doctor named Peter Grinspoon in an article by Harvard Health regarding the collision between the opioid crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s recently witnessed the consequences of these two coexisting disasters in his hospital - and [...]

Relapse On Drugs During COVID-19? Here’s What To Do2020-06-06T15:39:23-07:00