Does TRICARE Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

TRICARE covers addiction treatment and treatment for other mental health conditions for veterans, those in active service, and their family members. TRICARE may cover drug detox, inpatient or residential addiction programs, and outpatient addiction programs.

Hotel California By the Sea, located in Orange County, California, accepts TRICARE insurance. Hotel California By the Sea works with armed service members and retirees and their families to create a financial plan and a recovery treatment plan that will work for them in the beautiful setting of Southern California. Recover from addiction and service-related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at Hotel California by the Sea.

A military man speaks with a professional about his Tricare insurance coverage of substance abuse treatment.

What Is TRICARE Insurance? 

TRICARE Insurance is a group of plans issued to eligible military personnel, military retirees, and their families.  TRICARE Insurance is insurance coverage that provides health coverage, dental care programs, mental health care coverage, vision care, and prescription medication insurance to eligible military members and their families.  Offering many different insurance plans, TRICARE coverage meets all requirements considered as minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

TRICARE provides insurance coverage for military personnel that will help them through addiction recovery, and, fortunately, TRICARE often covers behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.

There are many benefits to enlisting in the military, one of these benefits being TRICARE plans. Managed by the Defense Health Agency, this group of comprehensive health insurance programs is for those who are either currently in the armed forces, retirees, and the families of uniformed service members and retirees.

Provided to military veterans, active members of the armed forces, and the families of veterans and active members, TRICARE Insurance offers many different plans to choose.  Some of the health care plans that TRICARE offers are:  

  • TRICARE Prime
  • TRICARE Prime Remote
  • US Family Health Plan
  • TRICARE Young Adult
  • TRICARE Reserve Select
  • TRICARE of Life
  • TRICARE Select Overseas
  • TRICARE Prime Overseas
  • TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas
  • TRICARE Retired Reserve
  • TRICARE Select.

Click here to discover more about these different types of TRICARE coverage and to inquire about which plan is best suited for you and for your family. TRICARE Insurance plans offer comprehensive treatment coverage for active duty service members, retired service members, National Guard / reserve members, retired reserve members, survivors, children, dependent parents and parents-in-law, and foreign force members, along with the families of these members.  If any of these eligible members suffer from a substance use disorder, TRICARE provides treatment opportunities.

A nurse welcomes a military service member with Tricare insurance into rehab.

Wondering if you are eligible for Tricare Insurance? Visit Tricare’s eligibility page.

What Treatments Does TRICARE Offer Eligible Members With Substance Use Disorders?

TRICARE’s different insurance programs offer many options. First, there is a list of free, confidential crisis hotlines available to eligible members and their families.  The Military Crisis Line, its online chat, and its text-messaging are all free to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is also free, confidential, and available 24/7.  TRICARE can also put you in contact with the Real Warriors Live Chat or the Make the Connection hotline. 

In addition to connecting you to crisis hotlines, TRICARE provides, “medically and psychologically necessary mental health and substance use disorder care.” 

On the list of approved treatments and programs are: 

  • Applied behavior analysis.
  • Drug testing.
  • Eating disorder treatment.
  • ECT (electroconvulsive) therapy.
  • Individual therapy.
  • Group therapy.
  • Family therapy.
  • Intensive outpatient programs, inpatient hospital services, management of withdrawal symptoms (detox)
  • Medication-assisted treatment.
  • Office-based opioid treatment.
  • Opioid treatment programs.
  • Partial hospitalization programs.
  • Psychoanalysis.
  • Psychological testing.
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychotropic drugs.
  • Residential treatment facility care.
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Note that, although Tricare often covers these services, this article does not guarantee any potential member with TRICARE health insurance complete or partial coverage. Coverage for addiction treatment by insurance plans depends on the client and their unique circumstances.

Substance Use Disorders And The Military

Almost 14% of veterans who returned from the war in Afghanistan screened as qualifying for a PTSD diagnosis, according to one study while other studies make claims as high as 30%

A male military service member looking concerned during a therapy session in substance abuse treatment.

Let’s face it, members of the military and their families do have many great benefits. However, what about the negative effects of serving or of being the family member of someone who serves or did serve?

Many of the negative experiences that military personnel go through in their time of service can lead to mental health issues and substance abuse issues.  If you are a veteran or current member of the military and cannot control your use of drugs or alcohol, you may have a substance use disorder (SUD).    

Substance use disorders are considered to be mental health issues.  And along with having a substance use disorder, many military personnel and their families may also suffer from other mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suicide, and bereavement trauma.  

Hotel California By the Sea recognizes that these are just a few of the issues that you may be facing.  This is one reason why we accept TRICARE Insurance- so that we may help military members and families.

So if you are in the military, are retired from the military, or are a family member of someone who has served or is serving, and you are suffering from an SUD, TRICARE may cover treatment. You may want to start with inpatient treatment or maybe an outpatient program is right for your particular situation.

Either way, TRICARE may cover these various recovery programs for you. Hotel California By the Sea will work with you to create your unique recovery plan of action and the process of dealing with insurance matters.

Hotel California By The Sea Helps Veterans Struggling With Addiction

For veterans suffering from an SUD, Hotel California by the Sea can help. We offer personalized treatment for those suffering from PTSD who have spent time serving in the military.

Located in Southern California, Hotel California By the Sea (HCBTS) is a drug and alcohol treatment center designed to assist clients in overcoming their substance use disorders.  Hotel California By the Sea not only treats drug and alcohol addictions, but also many co-occurring illnesses that sometimes accompany an SUD.

For example, Hotel California by the Sea offers specialized co-occurring disorder treatment treatment for:

  • PTSD: 
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Bipolar Disorder.
  • Many more.

Our treatment facilities offer state-of-the-art, evidence-based recovery programs created and designed by our individual clients, along with their clinical treatment team.  We accept men, women, and young adults into our facility.

A female military service member with Tricare insurance is speaking with a professional during a rehab therapy session.

Not only does Hotel California By the Sea assist clients from all over the world, we also open our doors and our programs to military personnel, retired military, and their families.  We specialize in assisting each client in developing their own custom-tailored plan, drawing from the plethora of programs available.

Some of the programs and treatment services offered by Hotel California By the Sea are detoxification / withdrawal management,  residential treatment options, partial hospitalization / day treatment services, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient treatment. 

Hotel California By the Sea not only offers a long list of treatment programs and modalities, it also works with its clients in developing a financial plan that will make recovery accessible. TRICARE Insurance plans are one of the many insurances accepted.

It’s Time to Seek the Recovery You Deserve

You are serving your country.  Maybe you did serve your county and are now retired.  Or, maybe you are a family member of someone in the armed forces or a military retiree.  Life has been very difficult.  Hard to manage on your own.  You tried to cope by turning to alcohol, or maybe drugs.  Maybe both.  But this way of life is not working for you or your loved ones.

A young boy hugs his father who is a military serviceman.

Now, though you are not alone.  It is your turn–time to think about yourself instead of everyone else, and to seek the treatment you need and deserve.  Hotel California By the Sea is here to help you.  We take TRICARE Insurance.

At Hotel California By the Sea, you will be welcomed and accepted.  You will be able to work with licensed, professional clinical staff who are experts in the field of addiction recovery and dual diagnoses.  From the moment you walk in our doors, you will realize you have made the right decision to begin your recovery treatment.  HCBTS will assist you in utilizing your TRICARE Insurance to provide the addiction recovery plan that meets your needs.

You have been carrying the weight of this country on your shoulders for too long. Now, it’s time to take care of yourself. Come into our recovery center, located steps from the sea, and let us help you discover more than you could imagine about yourself, create new healthy habits, repair damages, substance abuse caused in your life, and gain the confidence and skills you need to recover. Let Hotel California By the Sea help you prepare for and then march back out into a new, sober life.

It’s time to get your life back.

Recover from addiction and other co-occurring disorders at Hotel California by the Sea’s drug and alcohol rehab center in Orange County, CA. Our Admissions team is available 24/7 to discuss you or your loved one’s various treatment options.