How to Pay for Rehab: Insurance, Free Rehab, & Rehab Payment Options

So, you’ve determined that you need drug or alcohol addiction treatment, but you aren’t sure how much rehab costs, how to pay for treatment, or what any of your options are when it comes to funding your rehabilitation stay.

We’re here to help. Rehabs across the entire United States offer various types of rehab programs to suit the needs of each person in need of professional substance abuse help. Hotel California by the Sea accepts most insurance policies and offers private pay options.

For drug and alcohol addiction treatment to be effective, it must be customized to fit the needs of each client. To fulfill this need, there are thousands of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the United States with varying services and levels of intensity.

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Paying for Rehab with Health Insurance

All insurance policies – including state-funded healthcare policies – are now required to offer some form or level of addiction treatment coverage due the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This is great news, because it not only means that large health insurance policies recognize the disease model of addiction, but they also recognize substance use disorders (SUDs) as chronic, relapsing brain disorders that require professional therapeutic intervention and ongoing support. Perhaps most exciting to potential rehab clients, this also means that, if you have health insurance, your drug or alcohol rehabilitation at a state-registered addiction treatment facility will likely be either fully or partially covered by your insurance.

To begin paying for rehab with health insurance, you have multiple viable avenues available to you in order to meet your goal. 

First, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve signed up for the perfect health policy for you. If you’ve already found a rehabilitation center that you’re interested in and already have health insurance, you may ask the admissions staff at this rehab center to verify your insurance benefits. The admissions staff at your chosen rehab center will be able to verify what your benefits entail, how encompassing your coverage will be, and what your financial responsibility will be before you begin treatment. If this rehab center does not accept your particular insurance policy, they may be able to point you towards a facility that does.

If they do, however, accept your insurance policy, you may be able to begin your admissions process right away. One noteworthy perk of talking directly with a substance abuse treatment center is that you are able to ask their admissions team members various questions about thet treatment facility, and discuss with your admissions staff member your particular financial obligations.

If you haven’t yet chosen a rehab center to attend for substance abuse issues and other co-occurring disorders, you may want to search for a rehab center through your insurance company or through SAMHSA’s substance abuse and mental health facility search tool. If you choose to speak to your insurance company or use an online tool to find a treatment center that generally accepts policies from your insurance provider, this may help you narrow down your choices.

What About Copays and Deductibles?

Copays and deductibles will vary between health insurance plans. Copays and deductibles are contingent upon a client’s health insurance policy, and are not the fiscal responsibility of drug rehab centers.

Before choosing a drug or alcohol rehab program near you, you may want to inquire with your insurance company about how much of your deductible has been met for the year, what your copays may entail, and any other extra costs that may accompany going to treatment from an insurance standpoint. This way, you will be completely prepared for the financial responsibilities of going to rehab in the United States.

Finding Rehab that Accepts Health Insurance

Not every rehabilitation center accepts health insurance. Additionally, some rehabs may be state-funded or only accept Medicaid or Medicare plans, while others may only work with private insurance companies.

Most rehab centers accept some form of health insurance. Hotel California by the Sea accepts plans from most large insurance providers, such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Net, and more. To find out whether your insurance is accepted at any of our nationwide rehab centers, enter your insurance policy information in the confidential form below or click HERE.

Financing Options

Some, but not all, rehab facilities offer payment plans and financing options. Financing options may be the best suitable choice for you if you:

  1. Want to attend a rehab center that does not accept insurance.
  2. Want to pay your deductible or copayments but need smaller, more frequent payments.
  3. Are attending an out-of-network facility that you must pay for up-front, and then ask for refunds from your insurance company.

Again, not all rehab facilities offer financing options. So, before choosing to admit to a particular rehab center, be sure to discuss with them both their payment options and whether they accept private payments. If they do accept private payments, and you wish to utilize this form of payment, you can ask whether the rehab facility offers payment plans or long-term financing options.

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How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Rehab costs vary between providers, levels of care, patients, and policies. The only way to know for certain how much your rehab program and other treatment services will cost is to directly contact your desired provider or insurance company.

Does my HSA Cover Drug Rehab?

Yes, you may be able to pay for your drug rehabilitation stay through your health savings account (HSA). However, in order for your HSA to pay for drug rehabilitation, the HSA must already exist before you decide to go to rehab. Some HSAs may even cover transportation to and from outpatient treatment, peer support groups, and other addiction resources. To find out whether your HSA will cover drug rehab, be sure to contact your HSA provider and/or desired rehab center.

Does TriCare Cover Drug Rehab?

Yes, generally Tricare covers drug and alcohol treatment programs for veterans and active military members. How much Tricare covers, which providers tricare covers, and more, all depends on you, your policy, and your desired provider.

Hotel California by the Sea accepts Tricare Health Insurance. To find out more about whether your rehabilitation stay will be covered at one or many of HCBTS’s nationwide treatment facilities, call our admissions specialists today.

Other Resources & Alternatives to Treatment

Although professional rehabilitation is the most highly-recommended means of recovering from an SUD and co-occurring disorder, other ancillary resources can prove to be beneficial accessories in your recovery. For example, peer-led support groups, substance abuse therapy groups, and various forms of individual, group, and family therapy can prove effective.