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Orange County residential treatment facilities for alcohol addiction and drug abuse treatment. In-home treatment at Hotel California by the Sea has homes in the Southern California cities of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Huntington Beach.Residential Treatment

At Hotel California by the Sea, all of our Orange County residential homes are brand-new or have been recently remodeled with top-of-the-line appliances, top quality-bedding and towels and comfortable seating. Our living quarters have been designed and decorated to ensure that our clients feel at home while they are in treatment. Located in beautiful and quaint residential neighborhoods in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach, residents enjoy beautiful southern California weather during their recovery.

While in one of our residential programs, our clients will program in a home-like setting and we will bring therapists and group facilitators directly to them in the home. We also partner with and utilize the most highly respected therapists and treatment providers in Orange County. The basis of our residential treatment program is rooted in the 12-step tradition, and we also employ many holistic modalities to speak to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social elements of our client’s live and their recovery.

At Hotel California by the Sea, we believe the greatest gift one can give themselves and their loved ones is the gift of sobriety, which we know to be achievable with long-term treatment. Our residential programs offer men, women and young adults safe spaces of healing, forgiveness and community, which are all foundational principles in recovery. At Hotel California by the Sea, we allow our clients to move at their own pace, moving forward only when they are ready to do so. It is our goal to empower our clients and prepare them for their new life; a life full of happiness, serenity, love and spirituality.

For more information on our luxury residential treatment programs, please view our  admissions information or contact us. We are here to answer any questions you may have and promise to get you or your loved one the help that is so desperately needed.


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