Vivitrol for Opiate AddictsVivitrol®

Vivitrol® is available to our clients who have opiate or alcohol dependence issues. Vivitrol®, or long acting Naltrexone, is a once-a-month injection that, when given during early treatment, and up to one year after, can help reduce cravings and therefore help to prevent relapse. This is critical in the early stages of sobriety, as cravings are their most intense in the first ninety days. This is when the brain is most sensitive to stress hormones, and needs the greatest protection. It is during stressful periods that most relapses occur. Naltrexone blocks receptors in the brain that gives a person pleasure when they drink alcohol or take opiates in any form. It has been shown in clinical studies to reduce relapse rates by 25% when used in the proper setting.

Vivitrol® does not work for everyone, but at Hotel California By The Sea your genetic profile will be tested to see if you would benefit from it. We check for the specific gene sequences that can identify those clients who would gain the greatest protection and craving reduction from the injection. We are one of a select few recovery centers in the country that perform this testing on all of our clients.


For Opiate Addicts

The active ingredient in Vivitrol®, Naltrexone, works as a “blocker.” It attaches to certain opioid receptors in your brain and blocks the pleasurable feelings associated with taking opioids, including heroin and prescription drugs.

Even though VIVITROL® may block the intense high from opioids, it does not prevent good feelings that come from other naturally pleasurable activities.

After you get a dose of VIVITROL®, its blocking effect slowly decreases and completely goes away over time.


For Alcoholics

Vivitrol®, when used with proper counseling and therapy, can significantly reduce relapse rates in some alcoholics, and at the very least cause significantly fewer heavy drinking episodes and more success maintaining complete lifelong abstinence.

At Hotel California by the Sea, you will be closely monitored by our Medical Director, Joseph DeSanto MD, to help you have the greatest possible chance of becoming sober, and staying sober.