Looking For A Drug Rehab Center? Beware Of These 3 Red Flags

Looking to go to drug addiction treatment for a substance use disorder is a courageous choice.
But many people don’t realize that not all rehab facilities are the same.

Although most addiction and mental illness treatment centers have pure intentions, others may have ulterior motives.

There are certain red flags to watch out for when searching for alcohol and drug treatment, like unclear financial information, lack of state licensure or third-party certifications, unrealistic promises, and more.

Woman looks suspiciously at three red flags; learning what to beware of when looking for the best drug rehab center.

We aren’t here to sway your choice, but to equip you with information that many people aren’t aware of. If you’re searching for a good rehab program, let us help you out. Read on to prepare yourself to pick the perfect treatment center for your individual needs.

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Red Flag #1: The Quick Fix

Alright, so let’s say you’ve narrowed down your choices and have a pretty clear picture of which treatment center you’d like to go to. Before you make any moves, take a look at what they promise you.

Does their website guarantee lifelong sobriety to clients, or that they surely won’t relapse? The declaration of extravagant and unrealistic promises is our first major red flag to teach you.

Although treatment centers like Hotel California by the Sea offer endless tools for clients to get and stay sober, it’s ultimately a client’s choice to utilize them and choose recovery!

If a client takes advantage of the offerings at ethical treatment centers, their chances of full, lifelong recovery are much higher. And their chances of relapse? Definitely lower.

At Hotel California by the Sea, our addiction specialists work long, hard hours to show clients the way to sobriety through therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, 12-step groups, and much more.

Beware of any treatment center that offers you or your family member a “quick fix” when it comes to recovery. We hate to break it to you, but although recovery is by far one of the most rewarding gifts, it is also a gift of personal responsibility.

In reality, recovery from substance abuse is a lifelong journey. Although rehabs such as Hotel California by the Sea set up solid foundations for a life of sobriety and blessings, it is ultimately up to the client to promise themselves the gift of recovery.

Instead of feeding into any quick-fix promises, ask yourself this:

“Does this treatment center provide the most tools necessary to help me get sober and prepare me to maintain my sobriety in daily life?” Because sobriety isn’t in the talk – it’s in action.

Choose a treatment center that sets you up with the necessary, clinically-tested tools to get (and stay) sober.HOTEL CALIFORNIA BY THE SEA

Red Flag #2: Sketchy Pricing

If the financial department isn’t up-front and honest with you about pricing your rehab stay, then it might be time to look elsewhere for a drug or alcohol addiction treatment facility.

What you need to watch out for when it comes to financing your addiction treatment center stay is any undocumented financial promises or unclear information about your payments. Do your research and trust your gut! Not all treatment is the same.

Man on the phone in shock as he is looking into pricing for drug rehab centers.

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Treatment for a substance use disorder can sometimes cost a fair amount of money, but don’t let that deter you. Most treatment centers also accept insurance (including HCBTS) and offer payment plans for clients and their families.

Red Flag #3: No Quality Assurance Certifications

Last, but definitely not least: credentials.

Many treatment programs advertise themselves as being qualified to treat mental health conditions besides substance use disorders. For example, some rehabs say that they are specialized in treating addicts with a dual diagnosis, but don’t actually possess the credentials to do so.

Unfortunately, some of these treatment centers aren’t actually qualified to treat separate mental illnesses besides addiction – let alone bill insurance companies for depression, anxiety, or other mental health condition treatment.

Woman relieved and enjoying sobriety by choosing a certified and accredited drug treatment facility.

One way to ensure that your choice of drug rehab is qualified to treat you or your loved one is through researching their accreditation. An accreditation like the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval ensures clients and insurance companies that a rehab follows the safest precautions and operates at the most ethical level.

The Joint Commission sets quality assurance standards for addiction treatment centers across the country. When a rehab has this, like Hotel California by the Sea, it’s a sign that they take helping their clients seriously and using the world’s most proven therapeutic methods.

Also, look out for whether the treatment center is licensed with your state’s Department of Health Care Services. This licensure also ensures quality services and demonstrates trust on a state-wide level.

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