HCBTS: Nine Questions to Ask When Choosing A Drug Rehab Center

Choosing a drug rehabilitation facility can be a tricky beast. It’s never wholly possible to know what to expect from your stay at a drug addiction treatment facility. However, by asking your admissions specialist specific questions, you will be able to make an educated decision on where to get help for your substance use disorder.

Many drug rehab centers differ in specializations, and some are better suited for specific clients than others. For example, someone that has a co-occurring mental illness won’t want to attend rehab somewhere that can’t address their addiction and mental health condition.

A person with their hand on their head is surrounded by question marks representing questions to consider when choosing a drug rehab center.

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1. Is This Facility Licensed And Accredited?

When selecting an alcohol and drug rehab program, the first thing you should ask is whether this rehab is state-licensed by the Department of Healthcare Services to treat whatever illness for which you need help.

If a treatment center is awarded state licensing and quality assurance accreditations, it’s likely that they adhere to the highest standards possible and take their services seriously. Rehabs that strive for quality assurance certifications, like Hotel California by the Sea’s JCAHO accreditation, expect the best from their employers and take their services seriously.

You can check if the mental health facility or rehab program you’re considering is registered in your state here, and find more resources about state licensing here.

2. Does This Rehab Treat Addicts With A Dual Diagnosis?

Here’s an important question for if you suffer from, or think you might suffer from, a co-occurring mental health condition.

For example, if you think that you might have anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or another mental illness along with a substance use disorder, you’ll want to make sure that the treatment center you choose addresses both diseases.

Rehabs who specialize in treating clients with dual diagnoses, like Hotel California by the Sea, tend to approach treatment holistically. No client is quite the same – especially clients who suffer from multiple mental illnesses. Substance abuse treatment shouldn’t come with a “one size fits all” approach to helping their clients. On the contrary, a reputable treatment program will prioritize individualized treatment plans and specialized addiction treatment modalities.

3. How Long Is Your Rehab Program?

Depending on the severity of your addiction, your financial situation, your age, and your responsibilities, you may be looking to attend treatment for a short or long period.

While some people can go to rehab for months at a time, others may only be able to afford a short stint in rehab. No matter what, Hotel California by the Sea shapes our treatment plans around what you need, not what someone else may need!

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4. Is This Program Inpatient Or Outpatient?

While some treatment programs offer inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment, others may offer only one of them. Hotel California by the Sea provides multiple levels of care, including drug detoxification, inpatient (or residential) care, a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, and an outpatient program.

Our levels of care are designed for clients to experience a smooth transition from the utmost levels of structure and support, down to lower levels of care. These levels of care can also provide flexibility to clients with varying degrees of responsibility, like childcare.

5. Is This Rehab Gender-Specific?

Some rehabs treat only women, while other rehabs treat men exclusively. Meanwhile, other rehabs treat all genders together.

Hotel California by the Sea offers different tracks for clients with specific needs. Often, gender-specific rehab programs help clients connect better with one another and feel safe being vulnerable in their group of peers.

6. Is This Rehab In A Good Location?

Think about it: do you want to get sober somewhere desolate, without many job opportunities? Or, would you instead prefer to seek treatment somewhere that will offer you fun local activities, tons of 12-step meetings and other support groups, and plenty of sober living choices?

Just like in real estate, location location location! Where your rehab is matters. In a metropolitan area, like Orange County, CA, there are tons of 12-step meetings daily. There are also plenty of fun activities, from hiking, art classes, fitness classes, and more.

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7. Does This Rehab Accept My Insurance?

Perhaps one of the most weighty questions – will your insurance cover your treatment stay? Many rehabs accept insurance, while many don’t.

Hotel California by the Sea accepts most insurance plans and is in-network with most insurance companies. Our admissions specialists are available 24/7 to assist you in figuring out how to pay for treatment.

Rehabs like HCBTS also often offer generous payment plans to help someone pay for their treatment a small amount at a time.

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8. Does This Rehab Offer Family Support?

A significant, and often overlooked, part of recovery is the recovery process of an addict’s friends and family members. By educating parents, siblings, friends, and other loved ones, these people can gain a better understanding of addiction. In turn, a client obtains an even more robust support network.

Take the time to ask whether the rehab you’re looking at is going to offer any type of family program or family therapy. With a strong support network, clients have a better chance of achieving long term sobriety from drugs or alcohol.

9. Does This Treatment Center Approach The Recovery Process Individually?

Last, but certainly not least, you must ask your treatment center whether they have a “one size fits all” approach to treating clients. If they do, you might want to think twice before admitting.

Addiction, although a common disease, can look different for everyone. Each client is different and can’t be approached the same way as the next. Some clients have co-occurring mental health conditions, while others have different health care needs. Certain clients may have trauma to address in order to heal from addiction, while others may struggle from eating disorders.

Remember, not every treatment center is the same.

Some rehabs specialize in treating co-occurring mental health conditions, while others focus on gender-related issues. Either way, it’s possible to find the right treatment center for your specific needs.

Alcoholism and drug abuse are dangerous conditions. Reach out to us today to get you or your loved one the help they need, or if you have any questions.